A Super Frustrating Week

This is my husband, Malcolm’s first week of summer vacation!

Summer vacations are supposed to be happy, not crappy, but so far it has been a super frustrating week.

In fact, this week has been so frustrating I’ve been reduced to tears on more than one occasion!

And it’s only Tuesday!!
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Several weeks ago, I had scheduled a dentist appointment and an annual physical for Bethany for when Malcolm would be on vacation.

I had also scheduled an annual physical for Nate.

That way Malcolm wouldn’t have to use up so many family leave days.

But unfortunately, all our carefully orchestrated and well thought out appointment scheduling plans for this week have gone up in smoke!

The first glitch in our plan was Bethany’s dentist calling to reschedule her appointment.

But it was not that big of a deal, because I was able to reschedule it for another day this week.

However, Bethany got her period.

If you are at all familiar with us you’ll know that Bethany pretty much cocoons herself in a blanket on the couch and adamantly refuses to go anywhere during her time of the month.

So I had to reschedule both her doctor and dentist appointment in the hopes that Malcolm will be able to get off those days.

If not, I’ll have to reschedule them yet again!!

And of course, he will have to use family leave time for the new appointments.

Another incident has also robbed us of a happy week  and caused a bit of frustration.

After driving all the way to Nate’s doctor they refused to see him because unbeknownst to him, he had an old insurance card!!!

So we will have to reschedule his appointment for a less convenient time as well!


You may be wondering why I can’t just take my kids to their appointments alone.

I can’t  because my severe hip arthritis makes driving impossible and besides we only have one car anyway.

Plus sometimes Bethany’s behavior is such that she requires two people in attendance at appointments.

I hope something good and fun happens at some point during this first week of Malcolm’s vacation!

He does have two more weeks off in September, but I’ll be having and recuperating from my second hip replacement surgery then!

Have you ever experienced frustrations like this?

Let me know in the comments below!!

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