Art Therapy for People with Special Needs

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The purpose of art therapy is to improve the emotional, mental and physical well being of those who participate.

Art Therapists are mental health professionals who work with clients, using the creative process to help them deal with a variety of issues, including, but not limited to:

  • exploring feelings
  • resolving emotional struggles
  • cultivating self awareness
  • managing behavior and addictions
  • developing social skills
  • managing anxiety
  • increasing self-esteem.

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Art therapy is available in a variety of settings including: hospitals, schools, psychiatric facilities, wellness centers, rehab facilities, crisis centers, senior centers, private practice, and community settings!

It’s useful in treating PTSD, cancer,  traumatic brain injury, autism, dementia, depression, abuse victims, victims of disasters, and other mental and physical health conditions!

My daughter, Bethany is a special needs teen who is participating in an 8 week session of art therapy class right now!

It’s included in the rotation of activities offered at Flash Club, the social and fitness club for kids and adults who have autism!

While I can’t honestly say that art is Bethany’s favorite club activity, or just exactly how it might be benefiting her, I can honestly say that she is always eager and ready to go to class and has created some beautiful works of art that she is very proud of!

And that’s a good indication that she is enjoying art therapy class and if she’s enjoying it, then it must be making her happy!

So I can only come to one conclusion…Art Therapy must be doing Bethany some good!
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Most of the information contained in this post was taken from the American Art Therapy Association.

The Art of Autism is another interesting place to visit

I’m sharing at The Mommy Monday Blog Hop

For further reading, I recommend: 

Ready to get your special kids creating art? Check out these art supplies!

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6 Replies to “Art Therapy for People with Special Needs

  1. Art is so important to my Alex! He loves doing it and is calm and proud when he creates something. He does prefer a bit of direction, however. Even after he graduates, we’ll be doing art projects!

  2. I am a huge fan of Art Therapy. We also love Music Therapy and a Movement program. They are all alternative ways to help kids communicate. You never know which one will work best. Every child is different.

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