Faith, Hope, and Love

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I’m a disability, LGBT rights and marijuana legalization advocating Jesus follower! That’s quite a mouthful and an unlikely combination…but like it or not that’s who I am!! I'm also mom of 9 awesome kids, one of whom is a brain tumor survivor with special needs!

Combating the Isolation and Loneliness of Being Disabled

loneliness and isolation 2

Being the disabled mom of a disabled kid, I can say with all honesty, that we both experience feelings of isolation and loneliness as a direct result of our disabilities. My limited mobility and chronic pain, my daughter Bethany’s unpredictable…
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Bethany’s Quest for Medical Marijuana is Finally Over!

quest for medical marijuana 2

I’ve said it before, but I’m gonna say it again just one last time!! The journey to getting our daughter, Bethany, access to medical marijuana has been a long and arduous one! When we first started out, it wasn’t even…
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