Autism at the County Fair!

autistic girl at county fair

This year, we had the awesome privilege of actually being able to enjoy visiting two county fairs!

And we did so without any behavior glitches or meltdown drama whatsoever!!

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you’ll know that this has not always been the case!

Last year, the heat was just too much for Bethany.

She did manage to enjoy a couple of rides, but when we noticed she was avoiding any area that was not shady we knew the hot sun was getting to her.

Determined to MAKE her have fun though, we foolishly decided to soldier on.

However, when she started going into pre-meltdown mode we knew we needed to get her out of there fast!

And then of course, there was that one year when we never even made it out of the parking lot where she proceeded to have a full blown meltdown because she couldn’t handle waiting for the crossing guard to let us pass!

Fun times! Fun times!

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But I’m so happy to say that this year was different!

Remembering the heat issue of last year, we decided to go to the first fair later in the evening.

That way Bethany would never have to be in the hot sun!

She enjoyed every moment of animal petting and riding rides with Dad at the first fair!

Getting Bethany into the second fair was going to be trickier!

That’s the one where she had the parking lot meltdown!

Once again, we decided to go in the evening and we warned her ahead of time that we might have to wait until the crossing guard let us enter.

I think having Bethany’s big sister, Rachel with us helped a lot this time!

She is home on vacation from Japan and graciously agreed to go with us!

My heart sank just a little though, when we arrived and a parade was blocking the entry way.

But Bethany handled it well!

I think the thrill of anticipating riding the Ferris Wheel with Rachel was enough to get her through it.

Plus, we decided not to wait until the parade was over to cross!

We quickly ran across in between parade displays as soon as we had the chance.

I’m delighted to report that Bethany thoroughly enjoyed petting the farm animals and riding a few rides at both fairs this year!

girl with autism on bumper cars

She did not have one meltdown even though she was too big for some of the rides that she wanted to go on and on some of the rides the operators made her switch seats!

Both of which were unexpected glitches that could have sent her over the edge into meltdown mode!

I was super happy that there were goats, bunnies, donkeys and pigs for her to pet because she has been asking to pet those particular animals for a very long time!

autistic girl petting a goat

She had also been saying she wanted to ride a train at the fair, but I had no idea if there would be one, so I could not promise her that!

Imagine our delight when we found a train ride that she wasn’t too big to go on!!

I was also thrilled that the carousel had a zebra on it because an unexpected incident had sabotaged her chance to ride the zebra on the Sylvan Beach Amusement Park carousel (and the roller coaster) the last time we were there!!

Have you ever taken your autistic loved one to a fair?

How did it go?

Chenango County Fair 2018!

Otsego County Fair 2018!

Otsego County Fair 2017. The one with the hot sun glitch!

Chenango County Fair 2016. The one with the parking lot meltdown!

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  1. I’m so glad that you had such successful visits to the County Fairs this year, Sylvia. I’m really grateful you are sharing your experience with the Hearth and Soul Link Party. I know many parents will be so pleased to see they are not alone, and find your posts really encouraging. Thank you so much for being a part of the Hearth and Soul Link Party.

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