Autism Drumming Circle

autism drumming circle

We are so thrilled that Bethany’s beloved Flash Club has begun for the 2018-2019 season!

For those of you who may not realize it, Flash Club is a social and fitness club for children and young adults on the autism spectrum that is sponsored by our local YMCA!!

Bethany joined Flash Club about 5 years ago after having spent 12 years suffering with multiple debilitating seizures every single day of her life!

She literally could not get off the couch for 12 years!

We actually give Flash Club a ton of credit for bringing fun and happiness back into Bethany’s life!

We believe participating in all the awesome activities has greatly improved both her physical and emotional health as well!

Bethany was so excited to be going back to Flash Club that she could not wait to go!

She insisted we leave a half hour early and just wait there for everyone else to arrive!

We thought it was very apropos that a double rainbow was waiting for us as we pulled into the YMCA parking lot!

The first 6 week session is going to be a drumming circle!

Malcolm and I were a little concerned Bethany might be disappointed that her beloved Donna, who had been the director of Club for the past 5 years, had retired and would not be there.

We explained to her that Donna wouldn’t be coming anymore, then introduced her to the new director and the man hosting the drumming circle and she was fine with that!

Bethany loves music and she loves getting together with her friends!

She’s the only girl in her group and often refers to the other participants as “her boys!”

If you’ve watched any of our videos on Youtube, you probably already know that Bethany loves tapping rhythms with her giant marbles!

So naturally, we thought she would love taking part in a drumming circle!

She did not disappoint!

I didn’t really know what being in drumming circle would be like.

I kind of thought we’d all be sitting around in a circle banging rhythms on drums for an hour!

But let me tell you, a drumming circle is so much more than that!

We did sit in a circle for a while and we did beat out some rhythms, but they weren’t meaningless patterns.

We made up beats for our names and beat our drums while singing some songs.

I thought it was super sweet when the facilitator asked us all to feel our heartbeats then copy them on the drums at the same time.

He said that our hearts were connecting with each other!

autistic woman playing instruments

After circle time, we all got up and marched around the room to different beats.

Some of the kids played instruments while doing so!

We also played a fun ball game where we made up silly sound effects to go with the different ways we tossed to ball to each other.

Then we had to remember to make the correct sound effect for the type of throw we made.

Bethany really enjoyed her first drumming circle session!

She actually stayed for a few minutes after we finished to socialize and check out the instrument table.

She did not want class to be done which is a sure sign that she enjoyed it!

We can’t wait to see what next week’s session brings!

autism man playing the drums

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