Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor Loves Basketball

autistic teen holding basketball

My 19 year old daughter, Bethany has autism, she’s also a brain tumor survivor, and boy does she love playing basketball!!

Bethany belongs to very special group of autistic teens and young adults who get together  at our local YMCA every Sunday during the school year, to participate in fun fitness activities!

The activities run for about 8 weeks each and rotate between Yoga, spinning and stepping, using the exercise equipment, swimming, and basketball!

They even have art classes at a local art store!
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brain tumor survivor holding basketball

Bethany enjoys all the activities, but she especially loves basketball!

Now the kids don’t actually play the game of basketball.

They just have lots of fun learning basketball skills.

Skills like dribbling, throwing and catching the ball, pivoting, and shooting baskets!

And to ensure each participant achieves success, the basket is lowered a little bit.

That way everyone can get the ball into the basket!

Joining this special needs fitness club, also known as Flash Club, has been the best thing that ever happened to Bethany!

Before joining club, Bethany had spent 12 years unable to do much of anything because of near constant seizures.

Seizures forced her into becoming a couch potato.

She couldn’t even attend school.

When a new medication brought her greater seizure control, she became interested in life and wanted to do something!

She wanted to do anything other than lie on the couch all the time!

That’s when we found Flash Club and met Donna, the director!

teen with autism playing basketball

Flash Club has changed Bethany’s life!

Because of club, she’s getting off the couch and moving her muscles.

Attending club has even taught her some important life skills such as following all the steps necessary for getting to a destination on time.

And because the activities at club rotate every 8 weeks, Bethany has learned to accept changes in her life without melting down!

But perhaps best of all, because of club, Bethany now has friends that she loves and looks forward to seeing every week.

She also knows what having fun and being successful feels like!

And we owe it all to Donna and Flash Club!

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