Autistic Girl Goes to Iron Kettle Farm

Iron Kettle Farm

A couple of weeks ago, Malcolm, Jeremiah, Bethany and I picked up Rebekah and we all went over to Iron Kettle Farm in Candor, NY!

They always put on quite the extensive and exciting Halloween displays!

They also have lots of super fun, traditional family harvest activities like a hay wagon ride, peddle cars, corn maze, pumpkin sling shot, and of course petting the adorable farm animals!

This was not our first visit to Iron Kettle Farm!

During our first visit in 2016, Bethany enjoyed it but she wasn’t interested in seeing all the displays, so we were pleasantly surprised when this year, she really enjoyed strolling through the pumpkin people exhibits!

Every year, someone painstakingly sets up little pumpkin head people and meticulously dresses them up in the costumes of characters like Shrek and Fiona, the Wizard of Oz, 5 Little Monkeys, the Old Woman in the Shoe, Mother Goose and other story book characters.

This year, the Noah’s ark scene was absolutely adorable and my personal favorite.

I think Bethany’s fave display was Shrek and Fiona!

Even though petting the animals is usually Bethany’s favorite activity anywhere in the world, I do believe this time, her favorite activity was riding, uh, I mean being pushed by Rebekah on the peddle cars!

The last time we went, Bethany really seemed to enjoy the wagon ride, but this year it was just a little too bumpy of a ride for her.

In fact, it was so bumpy that I felt like we might actually be thrown right off the wagon a couple of times, so we were glad when that ride was over!

Bethany also enjoyed the cute little basketball, football, and baseball games they had set up too.

After enjoying all those activities we headed over to the snack bar and some of us got cider and donuts, but Bethany and I weren’t interested in that.

Neither was Bethany interested in going through the corn maze, and honestly I was secretly glad because just thinking about going in there was triggering my claustrophobia!

To end our visit at Iron Kettle Farm we were going to take a look in the gift shop, but by then, Bethany was truly tuckered out and asked to go to the car and with it being just a couple of weeks after I my hip surgery, I was ready to go to the car also!

So, she and I headed to the car and the others went through the store.

They came back bearing gifts of caramel flavored candy corn because what Halloween adventure is complete without candy corn?!!

We had planned on stopping at Rebekah’s house when we dropped her off, but shockingly, when we got there Bethany was still too exhausted to get out of the car!

I was glad she had already had the chance to hold Sophia the therapy hamster for a few minutes before when we picked Rebekah up!

She does so love that cute little ball of fur and greatly looks forward to holding her whenever we are planning a visit there!

However, about 10 miles down the road, Bethany changed her mind and wanted to back to Rebekah’s house.

When we explained that we were already too far away to turn around and go back she settled back down and covered her head up with her blanket again!!

Another shocker!!

She didn’t fuss about it!!

So all in all, at the end of the day, we declared it yet another fun and successful autism family adventure!

Our first trip to Iron Kettle Farm in 2016

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