Autistic Obsession

girl with autism holding a snake

Our Memorial Day weekend was a lot of things, but quiet and laid back it was not!

We had decided to stay home and spend the weekend cleaning up the house for the real estate agent who would be coming soon.

(We are trying to sell our house!)

So we figured our weekend was going to be boring.

Little did we know it would turn out to be anything but!

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While Malcolm was out sprucing up the backyard, Bethany was chillin’ in her swing and I was keeping her company.

Suddenly, Malcolm stopped what he was doing and came over to show Bethany something he had found!

It was a garter snake!

Bethany was ecstatic!

She loves all creatures disgusting and gross and just like it was love at first sight when she found an earthworm for the first time, so it was upon seeing that snake for the first time!

Bethany was in love!

man and girl holding snakes

She lovingly cuddled that snake all day!

She even brought it into the house where she sat on the couch and held it as if it was a cute and cuddly kitten!

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize it would disappear the first chance it got and disappear it did!

She was heartbroken!

When Bethany is sad or heartbroken she doesn’t cry or get depressed.

She expresses her sadness with anger!

After a while Bethany’s constant angry demands to find another snake became extremely annoying and emotionally draining.

Her obsession was exhausting us!

She has a tendency to get obsessive about things very quickly and she bugged us relentlessly to find another snake until Malcolm finally did.

It was the next day, I think!

This time she carried her snake around in her bug box until she could resist holding it in her hands no longer!

Experience had taught her not to loosen her grip on him, however, and she kept him in her grasp, not even releasing him when he peed all over her pillow and in her hair!

I think that may have been the most disgusting thing I’ve ever witnessed but it did not make Bethany stop loving him!

She ever so gently put the snake back in her bug box and went to take a shower and wash her hair!

I made the executive decision to just throw the pillow in the garbage even though Bethany protested!

All day long, we repeatedly informed her that she’d have to let her snake go at bedtime so he could eat and not die.

And all day long, I did not think she would cooperate with that!

However, when the time came to say goodbye, she did let him go!

And that was the end of that…or so we thought!

It’s now been a week and she has been out searching for another snake several times a day every single day!

Thank goodness she hasn’t found one yet!!

Heaven help us if she ever does!

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    1. Isn’t it though? Bethany is obsessed with wearing the same exact clothes every day, too and changing them a million times a day, but I’ll take that over snakes any day! LOL

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