Benefits of playing Dice Games With Special Needs Kids

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*A version of this post was first published on 2/22/16. This post contains affiliate links.

I am dedicating this week to providing you all with resources and ideas for fun, leisure time activities that kids and adults with special needs will be sure to enjoy.

Today is all about the benefits of playing dice games with special needs kids, of which I must say, are quite a few!!

Benefits of playing dice games

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My daughter, Bethany’s current favorite games to play are all dice games!

I suspect that she likes dice games not only because they’re fun, but also because they provide her with an ample amount of sensory stimulation!

Playing dice games provides Bethany with the opportunity to:

  • Use her large gross motor skills to shake, rattle, and roll the dice.
  • Sharpen her manual dexterity, give her fine motor skills a work out, and fine tune her eye-hand coordination skills as she picks up and manipulates the dice in her hands and in between her fingers.
  • Engage her auditory system as she listens to the dice rattling around in the shaker and hears them as they tumble and crash out onto the table.
  • Give her visual perception skills a workout and crossing mid-line as she scans the surface area where her dice have fallen to see her score and reaches her arms and hands across mid-line to gather up the dice in preparation for the next roll.
  • Follow instructions.
  • Obey the rules.
  • Increase her attention span.
  • Take turns.
  • Practice communication skills.
  • Socially interact with others.
  • Practice problem solving and critical thinking skills.
  • Enjoy quality time with others.
  • Have fun  and feel happy.
  • Reduce her blood pressure and stress.
  • Exercise her brain to potentially increase her cognitive functioning.

I enjoy playing dice games with Bethany because I like making her happy and seeing her having fun!

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Bethany’s current favorite dice game is Yahtzee.

Each player gets three chances to roll the dice per turn to get a full house, four of a kind, three of a kind, and small and large straights!

Bethany loves rolling five of a kind which is called a yahtzee and is the best roll you can get!

We have to watch her carefully, though because if we aren’t paying attention, she’ll try to cheat and just keep rolling until she gets five of a kind!!

She hates rolling straights and refuses to accept them! It’s so funny!

It’s so cute that every time she rolls five of a kind she asks me to document it on video!!

Next on Bethany’s list of favorite dice games is Go Nuts!

This is another five of a kind game, only this time the best roll is getting five acorns!!

If you roll squirrels, you can roll them once again to try to get more acorns, but you can’t roll cars again.

There are also dog and dog house dice included in this game.

Using them was too confusing and complicated for Bethany though, so needed to modify and simplify the rules in order for her to be able to enjoy playing this game!

Bethany received the Bowling Dice Game from her personal aide, Kristin for her birthday!

It’s her next favorite game on her list of dice games that she likes to play.

However, I must add here that the instructions for this game are actually kind of confusing for even me to understand.

So once again, we have modified the rules and scoring criteria to make this game easier for Bethany to understand and more enjoyable for her to play!

In this game there are bowling pin, strike, spare, and blank sides on each of the ten dice.

Players can roll the dice twice on each turn.

If you roll an X you’ve gotten a strike, a / is a spare, a blank is a pin knocked down, and if you roll a pin, then it’s still standing!

I came across the I Spy Find It Fast Game quite by accident while roaming around Toys R Us  in search of an “anything Star Wars” birthday gift for my grandson!!

Since Bethany loves dice games so much, I thought she might also enjoy this one.

This game comes with dice and cards!

Each player draws a card from the pile, then rolls the dice and tries to be the first one to find a match!

Since this is a new game for us, we haven’t played it much yet.

When we do we’ve had to tweak the playing rules just a bit to make this into a non-competitive game for Bethany to enjoy!

We haven’t introduced the next  game to Bethany yet.

But we have found it fun to play with our other children.

I suspect that we might need to come up with a modification or two so that we can include Bethany in on the fun when we play this game again.

LCR® LEFT CENTER RIGHT DICE GAME is a very fast paced game.

You roll the dice which dictates where you will need to move your chips: either to the right, left, or center.

The last person with chips remaining is the winner!

The newest addition to Bethany’s dice game collection is Farkle Classic Dice Game!

It’s very similar to Yahtzee, but riskier and a bit more complicated, so I definitely had to modify the rules to make the game a little easier for Bethany to understand!

I’ve included this game here for those that might like to experience just a little bit more of a challenge than Yahtzee affords!

I hope you’ll find one or even all of these games to be as fun and enjoyable to play with your special needs loved one as we have had while playing them with Bethany!

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  1. It sounds like Bethany and dice games keep things lively at your house. This post is such a good review of games for kids. Thanks for adding this to’s Tuesday special needs link up.

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