Bethany and the Watermelon Float

autistic teen floating on a watermelon float

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If you’ve seen any of our beach videos on our YouTube Channel, then you’ll know that Bethany always likes to bring along her giant pink noodle whenever we head off for a day at the beach!

She so desperately wants to sit on it and float!

The trouble is that, for reasons known only to her she refuses to lift her feet off the ground so that she actually can float!

The last time we went to the beach, we noticed some kids having tons of fun floating around the lake on a watermelon float!

Bethany noticed them, too!

So, we asked her if she’d like to try to find one at the store and she unmistakably shook her head yes!

It was actually Bethany’s aide, Connie, who found out that everyone was getting their watermelon floats at Aldi’s!

So one day after work, Malcolm went and picked one up!

We were pretty lucky because there was only one left on the shelf!

Bethany was so excited when she saw it!

She wanted to immediately take it up to the lake for a spin!!

With almost a 6 ft. circumference, the watermelon float is quite large and we didn’t think it would fit in the car!

But not to worry because we have a regular plug in our Ford Escape and all we had to do was bring our electric inflator up to the beach with us!

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teen with autism making sand castles

While dad blew up the watermelon float, Bethany passed the time making sand castles!

I thought for sure that once she saw the float inflated, she would want to rush right out into the water with it.

But she super surprised me by insisting on filling up her bucket with sand first!!!

Now, if you know Bethany, you’ll also know that she is painstakingly slow in filling up her buckets!!

She moves at a sloth’s pace, adding only about a teaspoon of sand with each dig!

Malcolm and I really wanted to see how she would like her float, so it was really hard for us to wait!

Malcolm passed the time waiting by trying out the float himself!

old man floating in a lake

Finally, Bethany was done making a sand castle!

She tried out her new watermelon float in our peaceful little lake.

She really seemed to enjoy the feeling of floating!!

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