Bethany Goes to the Utica Zoo!

So, we went to the Utica Zoo last Sunday and I’m so glad we did!!

Initially, Malcolm and I were reluctant to try, given that Bethany had just had a pretty intense meltdown a few days previously.

We decided to give it a shot anyway, though, because Bethany normally loves the zoo, she had been asking to go and our window of opportunity before summer is over is getting shorter by the minute!!

On Sunday morning, I waited until after she took her medications and ate some dumplings (her fave food at the moment), before I asked her if she wanted to go!

That way we’d have a better chance that she would not get hangry or start feeling crappy after we got there!

She smiled, shook her head yes, then popped right up and went into her room to change into her “going out” uniform….I mean outfit!!

She then climbed into the car and off we went, headed toward the zoo.

We weren’t at all sure she’d get out of the car once we got there, because sometimes she changes her mind en route to outings.

But since this particular zoo isn’t that far away from home, it wouldn’t have been that annoying or inconvenient if she refused to get out once we arrived at our destination!

But Bethany did get out of the car and we all had a splendid time at the Utica Zoo.

The first thing Bethany always wants to do is go to the petting zoo area.

That’s her favorite part of the zoo.

She loves petting the sheep and goats the most, but also the pigs, donkeys, bunnies and even the chickens if she can!

When Bethany was younger, we always saved that part for last because when she was done petting the animals she wanted to go home immediately!

This year I asked her what she wanted to do first.

It certainly came as no surprise when she said, “Pet goats first.”

But what really did come as a big surprise was that when she was done petting the animals she did NOT want to go home yet!!

And, she surprised us again by cooperating with washing her hands after feeding the animals!

Bethany was very insistent that she visit her favorite animal, the Red Panda before heading home.

After watching him pace around his cage for a while, (poor thing seemed so bored), we were able to successfully steer her up the hill to where the lions live and then through the wooded path to see the wolves and lynx!!

After all that walking, she really was exhausted and so was I, so we headed back to the car without seeing the camels and a few other animals that live near them.

But that’s okay, because we spent a magnificent day at the zoo without drama, meltdowns or any uncooperative behavior!

And, after all was said and done, we actually saw more of the zoo than we ever have before in one visit!

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