Bethany Tested Positive For…

Lyme disease

As many of you may know, Malcolm and I have been super concerned about Bethany’s behavior the past few weeks.

Sadly, she seems to have reverted back to how she was feeling before she started taking the anti-depressant.

At first, the medication seemed to be working.

She was happy, active, and interested in life again.

Now, although Bethany has had some good days during the past few weeks,  for the most part, she’s back to lethargically lying on the couch all day again.

Lyme's disease

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When Bethany first began attending her new day hab program she loved it!

Everytime the bus pulled up, she was excited and eager to go.

But after 4 or 5 weeks she suddenly lost interest and refused to go anymore.

For the past few weeks, she also hasn’t wanted to go shopping, to the library, to the movies, or even to Taco Bell!

Heck, Bethany has even refused to go to her beloved Flash Club three or four times in a row now.

Since Flash Club is absolutely and positively Bethany’s favorite thing in the whole wide world, we know there is something very wrong when she doesn’t want to go to there!

As I lamented and contemplated all of this one day, I came to the realization that Bethany is not depressed and probably never has been.

She really is just plain old sick, tired, and exhausted.

I now believe that we were all mistaking her lethargy and exhaustion as being depression.

After my brilliant epiphany, I wanted the doctor to test Bethany for some illnesses that I thought she might possibly be suffering with.

Because, although Bethany can talk, she doesn’t seem to have the ability to let us know if her ears or throat hurts, for instance.

So I asked the doctor to check her for an ear infection, sore throat, and a urinary tract infection.

Because Bethany had recently lost some weight, I also wanted her seizure medication levels checked as well.

I really thought her med levels might be too high, thus making her tired and maybe dizzy or light headed.

The doctor also wanted to test her for mononucleosis.

And at the very last minute,  for some reason, I thought of how much Bethany loves getting out in the yard to search for bugs and caterpilars and it suddenly dawned on that we should test Bethany for something else and the doctor agreed.

One by one Bethany’s test results came trickling in and they were all negative.

Surprisingly, her seizure medication blood levels were all in the normal range, too.

Then the very last test result came back and it was positive!!!

Bethany’s test results revealed that she is infected with Borrelia burgdorferi.

Borrelia burgdorferi is Lyme Disease, my friends!

My sweet girl has Lyme Disease!!

So, Bethany has been acting sick and tired, not because she is depressed but because she really is sick and tired!!

She has not been faking illness or exhaustion to get out of doing things she doesn’t want to do as some have hinted at!

Nor have Malcolm and I been letting her get away with anything, as some have also hinted at!

You know what else I’m also sick and tired of?!

I’m sick and tired of outsiders thinking the worst of Bethany and I’m sick and tired of people accusing her of being a fakerr!

I should have learned this lesson a long time ago, but better late than never I suppose!!

Bethany is not a master manipulator or a fantabulous faker!

When she acts sick and tired and refuses to engage in all the activities she normally enjoys…

Then guess what friends???  She is sick and tired!

For more information about Lyme Disease please check out, Lyme Disease Support Network.

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2 Replies to “Bethany Tested Positive For…

  1. Oh wow! I am so sorry she has this! I know how debilitating it can be as I have 3 friends who have it also. I’m thankful God led you to have her tested for this, and it was found out. What is the next step? Is she on medication?

  2. Thanks Victoria! She has been on an antibiotic and probiotic for a few days and seems to be feeling a lot better! She wanted to got to Flash Club yesterday and she went to day program today! She may have good days and bad days. Unfortunately, Lyme disease is really hard to treat.

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