Bethany’s 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

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It’s that most wonderful time of the year again!

The other night (November 17th) I saw my very first ever Salvation Army Band playing in front of Joann’s!

The shopping center parking lot was jam packed and one of the exits was even blocked off!

Why was the exit blocked, you may be dying to know!

It was because Santa was coming to town….already!!

holiday gift ideas

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I do declare, it seems that the Christmas season comes earlier and earlier each year.

It used to be that lights, decorations, and Santa didn’t show up until after Thanksgiving!

But I’ll bet one chilly autumn night in the next few years to come, Santa just might come trick or treating with the kids!!

I must confess that while Malcolm and I were out shopping the other night we picked up one of those bouncing snowflake light projectors!

And scandalously, we already set it up outside!!

I think it’s so pretty and Bethany loves it!!

I guess we’re getting into the Christmas spirit a little early this year!

Whether your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or no holiday at all, Bethany wants you to know what gifts she thinks are good ones to give and to get!!

While I know that the gifts on Bethany’s list may not be everyone’s “cup of tea”, I invite you to get a cup of tea or coffee, sit back and relax and check out Bethany’s very own 2017 Holiday Gift Guide! (All links below are affiliate links.)

Trouble Bethany is loving her new Trouble game that she got for her birthday! We did have to modify the rules a little bit to make it understandable and more enjoyable for her! But hey, that’s AOK!!

See Bethany having fun playing Trouble with her sister and a friend!

I Spy Dig In is another game that Bethany got for her birthday this year! I love that there are two ways to play this game! An easy version and a more challenging one! The easy version is the black and white side of the cards and all you need to do is find the objects in any color you want! For the more challenging version you must find the objects in the same colors that appear on the card! I love that I didn’t need to come up with my own modification for this game!!

I Spy Dig In Game
See Bethany playing I Spy Dig In with Mom!

Farkle. Bethany loves dice games and this one is her current favorite! She doesn’t care in the least about how many points she earns! All she cares about is getting all 6 dice the same, which is called a Farkle! But we must pay close attention because she tries to cheat and sneak in more than three throws to achieve her goal!!

Dominos. Bethany has loved playing dominos since she was a tot! Now it has become a fun nightly ritual to play a round or two with dad before bedtime!

See Bethany playing dominos with Dad!

Giant Marbles. Bethany has enjoyed the sensory input she gets from handling giant marbles since she was very little. We had to ban them for awhile though, because she would throw them when she got mad. However, recently she asked to try them out again and we agreed! So far she has not thrown any and hopefully never will! The blue and white one is her favorite!

Wet Suit. If you watch our videos, you probably know that last year I purchased a few wet suits for Bethany to wear in the pool. Funny thing is, she has never wanted to wear them for swimming. Instead, she prefers to wear them around the house. For what reason, you might ask? I’m guessing it’s because she likes the tight fit which provides her with needed sensory input!!

Do A Dot Paint Markers. Bethany loves to monotonosly dab her paint markers over and over again on pages of blank circles. She always only paints with just a single color on each page!

Outdoor Snow Flake Projector. As I mention above, this is a big hit with all of us!

See our bouncing snowflake lights in action starting at 4:53

Snowflake String Lights. We like to put up little strings of lights in the house for Bethany too! She currently has a string of autumn leaves, stars, snowmen, Christmas stockings and Christmas trees!

Pin the Nose on the Snowman Game. We don’t actually have this game, but Bethany enjoyed playing her Pin the Heart on the Fox Game last Valentine’s Day so much that we thought we’d try to get this one for her, too!

Whether your celebrate a winter holiday or not, we hope the season will be filled love, laughter, and good health!

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