Bethany’s Art For Sale

We are thrilled to be able to offer you prints of Bethany’s paintings at our Etsy Store Vintage Printable Pics!

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Please email me at if you’d like a magnet or sticker.

For those of you who may not know this, Bethany is a disabled 19 year old autistic brain tumor and stroke survivor!

You can read more of Bethany’s tragic experiences with a life threatening brain tumor on my Brain Tumor Diagnosis page and on just about every post published on this website!

You can get to know Bethany even better by watching the video on our sidebar and subscribing to our YouTube channel, My Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor, where you’ll see Bethany’s trials and triumphs as she goes about her everyday business!!

Please rest assured that all money earned from sticker, magnet and print sales will go directly toward providing Bethany with a better quality of life!!

Thanks so much for supporting my sweet daughter, Bethany Rose!

Keep scrolling to view our prints which can also be made into magnets and stickers!!

Bethany’s Prints

Also available as magnets or stickers

We also offer instant downloads of copys of vintage illustrations and ephemera including blank and filled in pages from my mother’s 1953 wedding planner! All are perfect for junk journaling!!

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