Bethany’s Surprise 19th Birthday Party

surprise party

Bethany’s nineteenth birthday was fast approaching!

My husband and I were wondering how in the world we’dd ever be able to top the excitement of last year’s birthday party with Barney.

We wanted her nineteenth birthday to be just as fun and exciting as her eithteenth was.

After much thought and deliberation, we finally decided upon trying to pull off a surprise party for her!

special needs birthday party
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In a couple of ways, surprising Bethany for her birthday would easy.

She doesn’t understand the calender.

She has no comprehension of the days of the week or the months of the year.

She totally relies on us to tell when her birthday is each year.

So we decided to just not tell her it was her birthday until all her loved ones were gathered together to yell “Surprise”!!

However, it was going to be hard getting her out of the house while we set up for her party!

After wracking our brains out trying to figure out how to get Bethany out of the house, we finally came up with a plan!!

We decided to ask Bethany’s new assistant if she could take her to club on Sunday and she agreed!

That would get her out of the house and  give us time to set up the surprise!

It would also give time for the guests to arrive!

I was so proud!

We had hatched the perfect plan, or so I thought!

Then the unthinkable happened!

Bethany’s time of the month showed up unexpectedly and you all know she does not like going out anywhere during that time!!

And you can bet, she refused to go!

I was devasted!

Our plan was ruined!

How would we surprise her if we couldn’t get her out of the house?

Once more, Malcolm and I had to put our heads together and came up with a new plan!

I called all the guests and told them to quietly come in the back door when they arrived!

Lucky for us Bethany had fallen asleep in the living room just before they came!

So we were able to get the kitchen all decorated up and everyone hidden before she ever woke up!

I still can’t believe she didn’t hear us whispering and shuffling around in there!

When we were all ready, I woke her up and told her there was a surprise waiting for her in the kitchen.

But she would not budge off that couch!

She told me to make Daddy bring her the surprise!

After much hemming and hawing on Bethany’s part and telling her that the surprise was too big to carry, she finally got up and was completely surprised!

She honestly and truly had no idea that it was even her birthday, let alone that she was having her birthday party that day!

Her reaction to the surprise was priceless!

We had successfully pulled off a surprise party for Bethany!!

See Bethany’s priceless reaction to her surprise party in the video below!

You can see her Barney Birthday party below as well!!

Bethany got a tattoo for her birthday.

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