Bethany’s Crappy Happy T-Shirt Campaign!

t-shirt campaign

We just launched our very first ever T-Shirt campaign, Turn Your Crappy Into Happy

We’ve designed an adorable t-shirt featuring our new slogan, “Turn your crappy into happy” and the smiley poop emoji!

t-shirt campaign

T-shirt campaign
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Proceeds from all sales will go directly toward providing Bethany with a better quality of life.

We hope to raise enough money to purchase the dietary supplements which Bethany needs that medical insurance will not cover!

For those of you who may not know my daughter Bethany, let me tell you a little bit about her!

Bethany, age 17, was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor when she was just two years old.

She suffered many more life threatening complications after her surgery, including a massive stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, and brain injury.

Bethany has also been diagnosed with moderate autism and developmental delays.

She continues to battle with a debilitating seizure disorder, today

Her dad and I believe with all our hearts that taking medical cannabis oil (CBD oil) is Bethany’s last hope for enjoying what most of us take for granted every day, a happy, seizure free life!

The CBD Hemp extract oil that we’d like to purchase for Bethany is none other than famous Charlotte’s Web !

There is much evidence that Charlotte’s Web CBD oil is helping scores of children become seizure free and is greatly improving the quality of their lives!

Please be assured that the THC content of this particular strain of CBD oil is so low that it will not make Bethany high if we are ever able to get it for her.

We want you to know that we are desperate to purchase Charlotte’s Web for Bethany but at $274.99 a bottle, it is sadly way out of our price range!

Please consider helping Bethany become seizure free!

Please consider supporting Bethany by purchasing a T-shirt today!

Please click the following link to check out our T-shirt campaign and purchase one or two! Turn Your Crappy Into Happy T-Shirt Campaign!

We would so appreciate your help! Thank you!!

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Be sure to visit Bethany’s Business, our store full of special needs family products and special needs homeschooling resources! All commissions go toward providing a better quality of life for Bethany! Thanks!

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5 Replies to “Bethany’s Crappy Happy T-Shirt Campaign!

  1. Hi, Sylvia:

    I also promoted the campaign.

    In Victoria, Australia – medical marijuana is in principle legal as of November 2014 and Charlotte’s Web has spread around.

    Ah – tinctures and strains!

    I also love the smiley poop emoji – it seems to be one of the more frequently used ones.

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