Brain Tumor Survivor Celebrates 20 Years of Life!

brain tumor survivor's birthday

I can’t believe Bethany is twenty years old already!!

It hardly seems possible that she was born twenty years ago or that 18 years have passed since a brain tumor changed her life forever.

When I think of a twenty year period, it can seem like a long time or a short time to me.

It all depends on the circumstance.

Like the twenty years since Bethany was born have flown right on by!

It seems like it has been such a short amount of time!

Yet, on the other hand, twenty years can seem like forever if you have suffered and faced many challenges in your life!

Unfortunately, Bethany’s life has not always been pleasant.

She has suffered far too much and has had to overcome way too many challenges in her short life.

A few years after Bethany’s brain tumor ordeal, it became very apparent that she was developmentally delayed.

I remember asking her doctor if she would still be like a two year old when she was twenty.

His reply was that he had no idea, because he didn’t think there was a documented case of anyone, anywhere in the world who had experienced all the post brain surgery complications that she had.

Well, now it’s official!!

Bethany just celebrated her twentieth birthday and I think it’s safe to say that she is still like a two year old!

And although I wish she had never had to suffer with a brain tumor or brain injury, I’ve made my peace with her being two years old forever.

I love her with all my being just the way she is and thankfully so does everyone else in her life!

Our motto here is, “Turn your crappy into happy!”

We’ve done our best to take Bethany’s crappy lot in life and change it into a happy life!

We’ve tried to do the same for all our kids as well, because that brain tumor impacted and traumatized them also and changed their lives forever, too!

I’m happy to say that we’ve gotten pretty good at making life as happy as possible, at least most of the time, anyway!

This year, once again, Bethany enjoyed having all her favorite people come to her birthday party!

Guests included, sister Rebekah and her husband William, brother Josiah, his wife Katy, and their dog Oliver, and of course brothers Nate and Jerry and mom and dad!

At first, Bethany was disappointed that she didn’t see twenty presents on the table because she had asked me earlier in the week to get her one present for each year of her life!!

I thought she was going to let that disappointment ruin her celebration, but Katy and Joe saved the day by giving her a whole bunch of little presents individually wrapped inside a big gift bag.

Shhhh!!  Don’t tell Bethany, but she didn’t actually get twenty presents, even so!

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Bethany’s favorite gifts were three games: Pop the Pig, The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game, and a birthday matching game.

She also got Color Cubed and the Amaze Game, but so far she hasn’t wanted to play them!

I tried to make her two birthday cakes look like woolly bear caterpillars because they are her favorite creatures in the whole wide world, but as you can see in the photo, I’m no cake decorating expert!

woolly bear birthday cake

However, Bethany could tell what they were and she liked them and that’s all that really mattered!

Of course, even though she always asks for a chocolate birthday cake, I don’t think she has ever actually tasted any of them!

They are merely a receptacle for which to hold birthday candles to blow out!

Party activities included playing Pop the Pig and the memory game and giving Oliver doggie treats!

When the party was over, Rebekah and William took Bethany shopping so she could spend the money they had given her as a gift!

I thought it was quite the phenomenal accomplishment that she was able to show them the route to her favorite dollar store!!

I didn’t think she was that observant!!

Her going shopping without me or her dad going along was a first for Bethany.

I was super excited that the trip went well!

It made me think about how life will be for Bethany after Malcolm and I are gone.

Her brothers and sisters will take over and she will be safe and happy

So, Happy twentieth birthday, my sweet, darling girl!

We’re so thankful you were here to celebrate another birthday!

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