By His Stripes We are Healed.

I have been told by some that, “by His stripes we are healed”,  means that No Christian should ever be sick.  If a Christian does get sick it means that they must be hiding  some kind of unconfessed  sin!

Isaiah 53: 5- “But He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon Him, and by His wounds (stripes) we are healed”

I Peter 2:24-“He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed”

When Bethany was first diagnosed with brain cancer it was “going around”  that perhaps one or both of her parents were harboring some kind of secret sin.  How’s that for brotherly and sisterly Christian support in a time of overwhelming crisis?!

Actually the Greek word “IAOMAI” and the Hebrew word “Rapha”  being used for “healed” in the two verses above can mean either a physical or spiritual healing.  In the context of these two verses it makes more sense that the healing being discussed is a spiritual one.  I believe that the healing in these verses means being forgiven and saved, not that all Christians should never experience illness.

As time went on and  Bethany experienced new life threatening complications every other day and was ultimately left with permanent disabilities it has been hinted at that perhaps I was preventing her from being healed because I didn’t have enough faith.

To that I say this,  “It takes a hell of a lot more faith to live without your precious child being healed than it does to have your prayers answered the way you want them too be answered.   It takes an enormous amount of faith to not get the healing that you so desperately want for your child and that you have been pleading with and begging God for ceaselessly!  It takes an infinite amount of faith to listen to your daughter pleading for the seizures to go away and asking you why Jesus doesn’t make them go away year after year after year!!

Now that a medication seems to be controlling Bethany’s tonic clonic seizures some people may believe that she is healed and perhaps she is.  Maybe God has finally answered our prayers and healed her.  Only time and her next MRI will prove that one way or the other.

However,  seizure medication alone is not a cure for epilepsy or the massive brain damage that she suffered and which is what has been causing her seizures. It is most likely that the medications are merely suppressing her seizures from firing.

Expecting that because Bethany isn’t having tonic clonic seizures she is now”normal” or that we can let our guard down and begin treating her as if she were not disabled would be ridiculous!

Because she still has all the same autistic characteristics that she always has.

She is still  functioning at  a two/ three year old level.

Her  110 pound fourteen year old body still has two year old temper tantrums.

She still doesn’t care if, in a rage she hurt someone!

She still has no concept of danger.

She still has no idea that walking into the path of a speeding car would hurt her, let alone kill her!

We still must keep our sharp knives locked up because she is fascinated and obsessed with them and might stab herself or others.

We can teach her how to use the stove and oven, but we can never allow her to cook or bake unattended because she doesn’t understand that the hot stove or oven can burn her.

We still can’t let her take a shower or bath unattended because there will always be the possibility that seizures could return.

We still can’t leave her home alone like we would a typical fourteen year old and go out on a carefree date!


Even though Bethany has not had a seizure in four months…life has really not changed all that much!

We are still watching and waiting for the next seizure to happen.

We are still watching and waiting for the next catastrophe to happen.

We will never be able to relax and let down our guard.



12 Replies to “By His Stripes We are Healed.

    1. I’ve tried to analyze and rationalize it myself. I think it’s because they think if it can happen to someone so close to them that it can happen to them too, so to stop their fear they make up a reason why it will never happen to them.

      1. People can be so insensitive! I’m sorry to hear that on top of everything else you had to put up with such torment. I agree that “By His strpes we are healed.” in that by suffering, if we offer it up in union with the sufferings of Christ, we are drawn closer to Him. Suffering is actually a gift not to be wasted. I’m actually working on my next post which is about this exact thing. God bless you!

        1. Someone else just told me that yesterday! I have never heard of suffering as being a gift before! This “coincidence” must mean something! I’m looking forward to your post!

  1. I’ve gotten comments like that about my son as well. It is infuriating for another brother or sister in Christ to even insinuate that my son’s problems must be the result of a lack of faith. You are so right, it takes way more faith to trust in God’s goodness while your child is suffering than it does to deny a problem in the name of faith. Reminds me of the disciples who wondered who sinned, the blind man or his parents, but Jesus said it was neither, but for His glory.

    1. Thanks for reminding me of the blind man, Alana. I should have mentioned him in my post! I’m sorry you’ve been hurt by the same mindset. I really do think that need to believe it because they are scared that it cold happen to them.

  2. Jesus finished it on the cross, the word of God does not lie, He has taken and carried it away. When we get sick it is an attack from the enemy against God’s gift of good health. AND IT IS NOT SOME PUNISHMENT FROM GOD FOR SIN!
    It is really sad how judgmental people can get when something bad happens to people. We can hold on to God and believe the best for Bethany, knowing that in spite of all this God does truly love her.

    1. Thanks for visiting. I think the “judgements” are really just a coping mechanism. It helps them feel safe from disaster or illness happening to them! Yes, God does love Bethany!

  3. I get comments from people on my blog that my child is a monster or that he is the devil. People can just be horrible. You have done nothing wrong and are, in fact, doing all that you can for her. Continue doing all that you’re doing. Keep your faith.

    1. Thank you Teresa! I appreciate your kind supportive words. I’m sorry you and your son have been treated so badly. I will never understand why some people treat others so badly.

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