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Day In the Life of a Special Needs Homeschooling Family!

*This post was originally published on 1/26/15 Ever wonder what a typical day is like for us, a not so typical special needs homeschooling family? If so please read on and watch our video! If the thought has never crossed your mind, well then I invite you to continue reading anyway! Because of Bethany’s unpredictable […]

Winter Walk Through Animal Adventure Park

Some of you may remember that last August, Rebekah and Rachel joined us for an amazing Visit to Animal Adventure Park! We were on a mission to feed April the Giraffe! All of us, including Bethany, thoroughly enjoyed every minute we spent interacting with the animals there! (This post contains affiliate links.) So when Bethany […]

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Six Tips for Modifying Lessons For Visual Learners

This post was originally published on 12/09/13 at Nathan’s Voice When I decided to homeschool my daughter, Bethany who has autism and other disabilities, I already knew that the majority of children with autism are visual learners. I also knew through personal trial and error that processing language did not come naturally or easily for […]

help special needs chilldren express emotions

Helping Children with Special Needs Express Emotions

A version of this post was first published in 2015 How can we help children with special needs express emotions safely and appropriately? I have a sixteen year old special needs daughter and at this point in time, I don’t believe she understands her own feelings and emotions or how to demonstrate empathy to others who […]

fun ideas for teaching sight words to students with autism

Fun Ideas to Teach Sight Words to Students With Autism

This is a very popular post that was first published in March of 2015!  I thought I’d share some fun, creative, and engaging ideas for teaching sight word to students with autism with you! I am a firm believer that all children can learn and want to learn! If our student is having difficulty learning […]

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Am I Accommodating or Indulging My Special Needs Kid?

(A version of this post was originally published in March of 2016.) If I make allowances for certain behaviors or painstakingly engineer my special needs daughter’s environment with the hopes of avoiding a meltdown, am I accommodating her or spoiling her? Schools regularly make accommodations and modifications for students with disabilities. For those of you […]

Let’s Get a New “R” Word Going Around!

I’ve been reading a lot lately about celebrities and politicians using the “R” word. The “R” word being Retard or Retarded. Two simple, yet devastating words that I’m ashamed to admit I’ve actually  been guilty of saying, myself. (This post contains affiliate links)   I’m not proud to admit it, but long ago in another […]

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Enjoying Life Again!

I’m so thankful that Bethany’s (and my own) depression has finally lifted! As you know, Bethany spent much of spring and the beginning of summer very depressed and lethargic, mostly because of experiencing a series of losses, one right after the other. In my opinion, Celexa, the antidepressant she is taking has literally been a […]

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How We Avoided a Knife Fight!

A very fun fact about Bethany that you may or may not know is that she’s harbored a lifelong fascination/obsession with very sharp knives. She particularly loves big, giant, chopping knives! When she was younger, she would resort  to knock down drag out physical attempts to get sharp knives out of our hands to touch, […]

Ten Tips for helping People With Autism

This post contains affiliate links. I recently read the book, “The Autism Revolution: Whole Body Strategies For Making Life all it Can be” by Martha Herbert, MD, PhD with Karen Weintraub, published by Harvard Medical School. The author does not claim to have found the cure for autism. Instead she informs the reader of what […]