My Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor


How One Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor Expresses Separation Anxiety

Separation Anxiety 2

My daughter Bethany has autism.  She is also a brain tumor survivor.  For years now, she has vehemently tried to control the people and things in her environment. Thanks to counseling, I now know that Bethany’s strong need to keep…
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How My Daughter’s Special Needs Meltdowns Make Me Feel

special needs meltdowns 2

It’s a fact of life: Sometimes people with special needs have special needs meltdowns. My daughter Bethany has quite a few special needs and unfortunately, one of them is the inability to always remain in control of her anger. I’m…
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Bethany’s Love-Hate Relationship With Special Needs Bowling


Bethany seems to have a love-hate relationship with her special needs bowling night! If you ask her if she likes bowling, she’ll get a big smile on her face and shake her whole body in the affirmative! When she’s not…
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How to Prepare Our Special Needs Daughter for Our Eventual Deaths


Thinking about the time in the future when my husband and I will no longer be around to love, care for and keep our special needs daughter, Bethany safe is overwhelmingly sad. Envisioning Bethany’s life without either of us in…
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