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Day In the Life of a Special Needs Homeschooling Family!

*This post was originally published on 1/26/15 Ever wonder what a typical day is like for us, a not so typical special needs homeschooling family? If so please read on and watch our video! If the thought has never crossed your mind, well then I invite you to continue reading anyway! Because of Bethany’s unpredictable […]

help special needs chilldren express emotions

Helping Children with Special Needs Express Emotions

A version of this post was first published in 2015 How can we help children with special needs express emotions safely and appropriately? I have a sixteen year old special needs daughter and at this point in time, I don’t believe she understands her own feelings and emotions or how to demonstrate empathy to others who […]

Anatomy of the Brain

A Basic Anatomy of the Brain

Brain tumors can be found in various parts of the brain. Bethany’s was in her cerebellum. After her brain surgery, she experienced drastic behavior changes. In order to better understand the behavior and personality changes I was noticing, I began researching the brain and how it functions. I thought my findings might be beneficial for others also. So, […]


Conversations with an Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor

Dad came home from work one night and asked Bethany what she had done that day. Her answer?  “A really big poop.  Big like my big Jesus”! I added to the conversation by informing Dad that she had also worked on math. Dad asked Bethany who her teacher was and she pointed to me and […]

5 Things NOT to Say to the Mother of a Child With a Life Threatening Illness!

*Please note: A version of this post was originally published on October 7, 2014. Ever since Bethany was diagnosed with a very large brain tumor I’ve been the recipient of much unwanted “medical” and spiritual advice. Bethany has been cancer free for sixteen years now, but because she became permanently disabled as a result of her […]

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What It’s Like to Homeschool My Special Needs Daughter

I feel honored that a post I wrote about my experience special needs homeschooling Bethany was published over at She Knows! Check it out at “What it’s really like to homeschool my daughter with special needs”! Over the years, I’ve had my doubts about special needs homeschooling my daughter, Bethany, but it definitely turned out […]

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10 Simple Things That Make My Special Needs Daughter Happy

It’s not always easy to make my daughter, Bethany happy, but over the years I have discovered ten simple things that are sure to put a smile on her sweet, beautiful face! My daughter Bethany, has lived through more than her fair share of disappointing and painful experiences. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor […]

disciplining chronically ill children

Disciplining Chronically Ill Children or Kids With Disabilities

I’m pretty sure it’s safe to say that most parents don’t want to waste precious time correcting or disciplining chronically ill children. All we want is for our children to be as happy as possible and to enjoy the lives that they’ve been given. When my daughter, Bethany was two years old, she was diagnosed […]

Special needs teen girl

Day in the Life: Special Needs Teen Girl

This is my account of just one day in the life of a special needs teen girl who just so happens to be my daughter, Bethany! Bethany is currently seventeen years old and has been disabled since she was two, when a very large and life threatening brain tumor wreaked havoc on her life! This […]