My Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor

Day in the Life

How I Made Valentine’s Day 2017 More Special This Year!

2 Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 has now come and gone! I hope your day was filled with plenty of fun and lots of love and laughter! If you have previously read my post, Preparing for a Very Special Needs Valentine’s Day Celebration,…
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Another Typical Sunday in the Life of my Special Needs Family

Sunday in the life of my special needs family 3

It’s just another typical Sunday in the life of my special needs family! Even though we are Christians, as you read on, you’ll notice that a typical Sunday for us does not include going to church! That’s because we gave…
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Disappointing Disasters and Amazing New Developments: DITL

disappointing disasters 2

It will never cease to amaze me how Bethany can go from having major difficulties handling disappointing disasters one day, to accepting and handling similar situations well, the very next day! As you may know, Bethany has been having difficulty…
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Surprise Visit to Bethany’s Sister’s House: A Day in the Life


Last Sunday, Malcolm, Rachel, Jeremiah, and I set off on a journey to pay a surprise visit to our daughter, Rebekah and her husband, William! Our visit wasn’t meant to surprise them, though! They knew we were coming! We had…
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Special Needs Snow Day In the Life of Bethany, a Special Needs Teen


Bethany began concocting a special needs snow day plan as soon as she noticed it was snowing again last Sunday night!! It had snowed for the first time this winter earlier that day and she had really enjoyed building a snowman…
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Bethany Takes Her Fuzzy Friends the Woolly Worms to the Dentist

woolly worms

It was time for Bethany’s dental appointment, but she just could not bear to leave her fuzzy little friends, the woolly worms at home all alone! My husband and I really didn’t see any harm in bringing them along to the…
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