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Disability Awareness

Combating the Isolation and Loneliness of Being Disabled

loneliness and isolation 2

Being the disabled mom of a disabled kid, I can say with all honesty, that we both experience feelings of isolation and loneliness as a direct result of our disabilities. My limited mobility and chronic pain, my daughter Bethany’s unpredictable…
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Birthday Surprises and 10 Facts About Epilepsy!

Happy Friday everyone! Looks like we got even more snow last night! Hope you have plans for a great weekend! Jeremiah doesn’t know it yet, but he is having a family birthday party tomorrow!! We are planning a surprise 15th…
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Self Direction: Autistic Teen Advocates for Herself

Thanks to a very large and life threatening brain tumor, my daughter Bethany has multiple disabilities. Because she’s disabled, she’s eligible to participate in quite a few government disability service programs. Among the government services she’s eligible for is Self…
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Happy Special Needs Halloween!


Happy Special Needs Halloween!! Many children with special needs have sensory issues, dietary restrictions, and physical challenges that make having a happy special needs Halloween nearly impossible. But with a little imagination, modification, and accommodation every child, including those with…
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Learning About Cause and Effect Special Needs Style


Cause and effect is the relationship between an action and what happens as a result of that action! Most children begin exploring and understanding the concept of cause and effect long before they are two years old. When I think…
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My Special Needs Information Processing Theory and Barney


There exists a little theory about learning called The Information Processing Theory. The Information Processing Theory assumes that people’s actions aren’t just responses to stimuli, but that the human brain is like a computer or an information processor. Obviously, I’m…
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