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The Benefits of Yoga for Children With Special Needs

Bethany attended her very first ever Yoga class for children with special needs three years ago. She has always been anxious when presented with new experiences and anticipating her first yoga class proved to be no exception to that self imposed rule! Knowing that she would also be meeting a new teacher compounded her anxiety. […]

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Another Typical Sunday in the Life of my Special Needs Family

It’s just another typical Sunday in the life of my special needs family! Even though we are Christians, as you read on, you’ll notice that a typical Sunday for us does not include going to church! That’s because we gave up going to church quite a few years ago. There are a few reasons why […]

Weird and Wacky Day in the Life of a Special Needs Family

This particular Sunday morning dawned cold and rainy! Little did I know, the day would turn out to be another weird and wacky day in the life of a Special Needs Family…my weird and wacky special needs family! Call me crazy, but it seems to me, that lately, most of our weird and wacky experiences […]

Making Progress, Special Needs Style

We’re making progress, special needs style! I’ve said it before, and now I’m going to say it again… Getting Bethany involved in Flash Club, a social and fitness club for autistic kids, is without a doubt the best decision we have ever made for her!!! I give club’s fun fitness activities, its patient, kind leaders, […]

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Flash Club for Autistic Kids Needs Donations!

Bethany’s beloved Flash Club, the social and fitness club for autistic kids and young adults has lost some of their funding. Without a little help from kind and generous donors like yourselves, we will not be able to pay our Yoga instructor this year.  Not offering Yoga would be such a shame because the kids […]

Autism Social and Fitness Club Fundraiser

On behalf of my daughter, Bethany, and the many other precious and well deserving members of FLASH CLUB,  I am humbly asking you to search your hearts and consider making a hefty donation to our autism social and fitness club fundraiser!! The idea of FLASH Club was formed in 2011 after the mother (and sister) […]

One on One Special Needs Basket Ball

Because everyone, except Bethany’s awesome aide, Kristin and her equally awesome Flash Club leader was afraid of the impending snow storm, Bethany was the only person that made it to Flash Club yesterday! As a result she had the honor of participating in an hour long session of one on one special needs basket ball […]

Bethany’s Very Good, Wonderful Day at the Pool!

Bethany had a wonderful day at the pool playing and participating in her water fitness class!  Too bad the good mood didn’t last all night long! Since there is a family swim time just before Bethany’s water fitness class every Sunday we decided to take her over to the pool early this past Sunday.  That […]

Epic Meltdown At the Pool and Blog LinkUp

Welcome to the Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp:  The One About Bethany’s  Epic Meltdown at the Pool! This blog linkup is the  “go to” place for special needs and  homeschooling families to gather together, connect, share their wisdom, experiences, trials, and triumphs, and support each other!  However, you don’t have to be “special” or […]

Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog LinkUp #1

Welcome to Our Special Needs and Homeschooling Blog Link Up!! Here you will find a gathering place of mostly special needs families, and homeschooling families, but you don’t have to be one of the above to share!  This Link up opens every Friday at 5:00 a.m.  and closes Mondays  1:00 a.m!