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Six Tips for Modifying Lessons For Visual Learners

This post was originally published on 12/09/13 at Nathan’s Voice When I decided to homeschool my daughter, Bethany who has autism and other disabilities, I already knew that the majority of children with autism are visual learners. I also knew through personal trial and error that processing language did not come naturally or easily for […]

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6 Disability Gadgets I can’t Live Without

Severe spinal stenosis and arthritis have been slowly eating away at my ability to be independent. Pain and a significantly diminished range of motion in my legs are making life a little difficult for me. It took me a while to accept the fact that there are many things that I just cannot do for […]

Empower Different at Fun and Function

Empower Different at Fun and Function, Your one stop shop for occupational therapy items, sensory integration products, and special education materials! After my daughter, Bethany underwent brain tumor surgery at age 2, she had a stroke. The stroke caused right sided hemiplegia and she lost the use her right arm, hand, leg and foot! Bethany also has […]

6 Special Needs Products My Family Can’t live Without!

We are a large special needs family and we use a lot of products! Some of the products we currently use are designed especially for people with special needs in mind while others, ones that I still consider special needs products, were not. Because these products have enriched my daughter’s life, I want to share […]

fun thinking games

18 Fun Thinking Games That Will Make You Use Your Noggin!!

In my attempts to engage my special needs daughter, Bethany in meaningful learning activities, I’ve accumulated quite the extensive collection of fun thinking games that make her use her noggin. I can honestly say that consistently playing  these mind engaging games with her has decreased the amount of time that  she automatically resorts to her default […]

gadgets for stroke victims

Helpful and Handy Gadgets for Stroke Victims

As I mention in my post, Sharing Our Story, earlier this week, my daughter Bethany, is a stroke victim. She suffered a stroke during brain tumor surgery. Bethany’s stroke caused the loss of her ability to use of her right arm, hand, and leg. She could no longer sit, stand, walk, or feed herself. Not […]

national autism resources

Spot light on National Autism Resources

National Autism Resources Corporation is your one stop, comprehensive, online resource for purchasing quality educational products, gifts, and toys,  perfect for children and adults with autism. National Autism Resources Corp offers over 1400 products for individuals with autism and similar special needs challenges. From calming products and sensory toys and tools to oral motor tools and chewelry […]

The reading lesson

The Reading Lesson: A Curriculum Review

The Reading Lesson: Teach Your Child to read in Twenty Easy Lessons I was recently given the exciting opportunity to review a cute, new (to me) award winning reading program called, The Reading Lesson, written and designed by Michael Levin, MD., a child psychologist with extensive knowledge in child brain development and Charan Langton, M.S. […]

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Wikki Stix for Occupational Therapy Fun!

Bethany has been enjoying Wikki Stix for occupational therapy fun since she was just a wee a toddler recently released from spending two months lying in a hospital bed sick with brain cancer. Wikki Stix are creative, colorful, non-toxic pieces of yarn covered in a waxy, non-sticky coating.  They were recommended by Beth’s very first ever […]

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My Fave Online Therapy Source

Your therapy Source is by far my favorite online therapy source for affordable, fun, creative, and effective occupational and physical therapy products and special education materials! Each item is written or created by a team of professionals with years of experience in pediatric therapy and special education with the intent of being used as resources […]