Dollar Tree Homeschooling For My Special Needs Teen

Want to see Dollar Tree homeschooling at it’s finest? If so, keep on reading to check out the awesome Items I’ve found and love for our Dollar Tree homeschooling program! *This post contains affiliate links. Dollar Tree is one of my favorite places to shop! Searching through the aisles for each “treasure” I’ve seen in […]


Music and Movement For Individuals With Special Needs

I’m happy to announce that my post, Music and Movement for Children and Adults With Special Needs has been published over at The Firefly Community’s special needs blog! For those of you who don’t know it, The Firefly Community! is a great place for families affected by special needs to connect and support on another! […]

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Art Therapy Activities and Ideas to do at Home

Participating in art therapy activities offers many benefits to kids with a variety special needs including children: who have mental health illness who are going through the grieving process who have learning disabilities who have emotional problems who have cognitive delays who have been through physical or sexual abuse who have terminal or chronic illnesses […]

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How Speech Therapy Can Help Special Kids

How can speech therapy help children with special needs who have trouble speaking and communicating? Speech therapy can help kids who have trouble pronouncing words and sounds. Speech therapy can also help special needs kids develop language, communication skills and pragmatic (social communication) language skills! After my daughter, Bethany’s brain tumor surgery and stroke, we […]

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Physical Therapy for the Special Needs Child

What can physical therapy do for children with special needs? When most of us think about physical therapy, we picture a hospital setting where a physical therapist is working with an accident victim or someone with a brain injury to help restore impaired mobility and their ability to perform other essential activities of daily living. […]

Music Therapy to Improve Mood and Communication

What is music therapy and how can it help improve mood and communication in the special needs population? Everyone knows that music can lift spirits, reduce stress, and help us unwind and relax after a hard day’s work, but music therapy is not just merely listening to music! Music therapy is when educated and trained […]

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Art Therapy for People with Special Needs

The purpose of art therapy is to improve the emotional, mental and physical well being of those who participate. Art Therapists are mental health professionals who work with clients, using the creative process to help them deal with a variety of issues, including, but not limited to: exploring feelings resolving emotional struggles cultivating self awareness […]

A Sensory Integration Therapy Room Instead of a Trip to Disney

When our chronically ill, special needs daughter’s application for a dream was approved, we asked for a sensory integration therapy room instead of a trip to Disney and here’s why… When we were recently notified that Bethany’s application for a dream had been approved, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves scrambling to think of […]

Tactile Defensiveness Sensory Integration Therapy Resources

Some children with autism and other disabilities suffer tactile defensiveness or touch sensitivities. Individuals with tactile sensitivities may become overwhelmed, grossed out, or actually afraid of the way different textures feel. They may refuse to participate in certain activities because of this. They aren’t being difficult. It’s just a glitch in their nervous system and […]

Daily Life Therapy

Daily Life Therapy: An Autism Teaching Method

Daily Life Therapy is an innovative, holistic approach to teaching autistic children and young adults that I just recently discovered! It was first established in 1964 when Dr. Kiyo Kitahara began using her method to teach her kindergarten classes in Tokyo, Japan. Her ideas quickly spread throughout Japan and then to Boston in 1987. The […]