Chippy Kids Book Winner!

It’s time to announce the winner of The Chippy Kids Book Giveaway!!

As you may remember, The Chippy Kids, is a book about morals and manners written and illustrated by my two oldest sons, Jim and Brian.

It features several charming characters whose experiences will teach your child how to respond in certain life situations!

If you didn’t win, don’t despair because you can order a copy at

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Contained within the 38 pages of this captivating book is a delightful new world of adorable kids!

Your child will have a blast hanging out with and learning life lessons from Sullivan Saint, Sophie Jean, Marvin Pickles, Jane Complain, Sneaky Pete, Paula Practice, Finicky Frieda, Difficult Dave, and Anna Royal

And now without further adieu, let me just say, Congratulations to Vanessa Sullivan, because you won the book giveaway!

Please email me at with your address and I’ll ship it right out to you as soon as I know where to send it!

Thanks so much for entering the giveaway!

You can see in the video below how I chose the winner of this giveaway, if you so choose!

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