Christmas 2012

*A version of this post was first published on 12/28/12.

Please join us for Christmas 2012!!

We all had such a great time visiting, feasting, munching on snacks, exchanging gifts and having fun together!

One of the gifts I made for my adult sons this year was alcohol infused gummy bears and I must say, they were a big hit!

They were also super easy to make!

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This was my grandniece, Phoebe’s first Christmas and some of our kids hadn’t had the joy of meeting her yet

I do believe she was passed around to everyone at least twice!

She didn’t quite know what to think of her first Christmas but she was a good natured little sport to put up with all our silliness!

We missed our son, Brian and his little family this Christmas as it was their turn to visit with his girlfriend’s family this year.

Now that everyone has gone home the house is too quiet and we’re feeling a little lonely.

But we have many more Christmases to look forward to celebrating!

What’s nice is that Christmas will always have it’s magic effect on Bethany

She will most likely always be filled with childlike wonder and awe, at Christmas time for the rest of her life!

And speaking of Bethany…we are praising God that she felt good enough to socialize with her family and participate in the festivities that she had so long been looking forward to.

She was truly able to enjoy her holiday, though it was not without some brief moments when she experienced medication side effects and thought that she might have a seizure.

Amazingly, she still has not had a tonic clonic (grand mal) seizure since October 4, 2012 !

The most hilarious part of our Christmas this year was Bethany’s inability to remember Jasmine’s name.

She kept confusing Jasmine’s name with Jesus!

It was hysterical when Bethany woke up to find “Jesus” in our kitchen washing the dishes!!

How was your Christmas?

We hope it was a merry one!


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  1. So glad you had such a nice Christmas. I am so thrilled that Bethany is doing so well. I’m sure each time you look at her you see a miracle. We are having our Christmas tonight with our children. Then Jan.20th Genna and all of them will be up here for another Christmas. Looks like you have a good place to go sledding. We got some snow, maybe 3 inches. I dearly love snow myself. Take care and have a Great weekend.

    1. Sorry for the delay in responding to your comment. It was put into my spam. I’ll have to check it more often. Thanks for the follow. I’ll be over to visit you too!

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