Conversations with an Autistic Brain Tumor Survivor


Dad came home from work one night and asked Bethany what she had done that day.

Her answer?  “A really big poop.  Big like my big Jesus”!

I added to the conversation by informing Dad that she had also worked on math.

Dad asked Bethany who her teacher was and she pointed to me and said, “Pretend Mom”!

Such are the conversations with an autistic brain tumor survivor!


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Even though Bethany delightfully surprises us by expressing her own original thoughts once in awhile, most of the time her conversations are  perseverative in nature.

For Bethany this means that  she repeats the same groups of scripted conversations several times each day.

Rarely does she have a real spontaneous lucid conversation, but as I mentioned above,  it does happen every so often and when it does it’s an amazing and wonderful surprise.

Most of her conversations consist of  her asking the same sets of questions about something then I must answer every question in exactly the same brief, efficient, and precise way!

Currently, Bethany’s daily cycle of conversations consist of asking the same, exact sets of questions each, about why she can’t turn 20 before she is 19, why we can’t buy a new house yet, and why we can’t find any woolly bear caterpillars right now!

An unexpected, amazing, and funny development in Bethany’s life that has occurred recently is her emerging sense of humor!

She loves being funny and trying to make us all laugh!

Teasing her dad that his shoulder bag is a purse is her newest joke!

Bethany has also been adding new words to her vocabulary and using them appropriately in sentences.

Her current new are words,  “huge”, “river”, and “bridges”!

We are so excited by these sudden and unexpected new developments in Bethany’s life!

I must confess though, that at almost 19 years old, I didn’t really think having real conversations with Bethany, using new words to boot, would even be possible!

It’s so exciting!!

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