Daddy’s Vacation Week!

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Some of you may recall that my husband Malcolm had two weeks of vacation back in May.

It was during the first week that I ended up breaking my shoulder and so sadly most of our fun vacation plans had to be canceled.

The 9 weeks or so that I had to be in a sling were a very dark time in my life.

I had to live away from Bethany for 2 weeks until she accepted the fact that I couldn’t just take the sling off and be all better.

I really believe we both suffered from severe depression and PTSD.

But enough of that doom and gloom!!

vacation week
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This past week Malcolm had another week of vacation and we made the most of every single day!

On Sunday we were finally able to go to Sylvan Beach, Bethany’s all time favorite summer place to be!

Unfortunately, the beach had been closed most of the summer because blue/green algae was poisoning the water!

She was able to spend an hour or two happily making sand castles and trying to float on her noodle!

When she’d had her fill of sun and surf, we made our way over to the amusement park where she was satisfied to ride the roller coaster and merry-go-round once each!

On Monday morning Bethany asked to go our little beach where she once again enjoyed digging in the sand and wading in the very cold water.

Later, Malcolm, Jerry, Nate and I watched the solar eclipse while Bethany napped.

When the eclipse was over, Malcolm ran up the road to our neighbor’s veggie stand and bought some corn for dinner which Bethany even helped shuck!

On Tuesday, Bethany had a doctor appointment so we stuck close to home.

But she did enjoy going to a new playground and shopping afterwards.

Wednesday, we headed over to Rebekah’s house where Bethany indulged in a little Sophia the hamster therapy, after which she promptly fell asleep.

So Rebekah and I got to chat undisturbed and when Bethany woke up, we ran over to AC Moore’s where Rebekah and I were able to indulge in a little crafty retail therapy!

As an added bonus, Rebekah discovered that because she is a college student she gets 15% off all her purchases there!

Thursday, Bethany was keen for a visit to the Utica Zoo.

She really loves feeding petting the goats and sheep!

In fact, that really was the only thing she wanted to do there!

She loves petting and feeding the animals so much that we are seriously thinking about getting season passes to Animal Adventure Park where she can pet and feed most of the animals there to her heart’s content!

On Friday we were halfway to Syracuse to pick up Bethany’s medical marijuana refill when I suddenly realized I had forgotten to bring my caregiver’s ID with me!!

I was so annoyed with myself but, when we finally got to the dispensary they told me it would have been okay because they know me and could have looked it up on the computer!

Ironically however, they were having trouble with their computers and couldn’t find Bethany’s account!

Although It took much longer than expected, I did finally get it.

We even managed to fit in a visit to Wegmens Landing Park on Onondaga Lake and then Bethany and Malcolm enjoyed a few spins on the carousel at Destiny USA!

Saturday, we were lucky enough to get a respite worker come over to stay with Bethany while Malcolm and I enjoyed shopping alone up in Utica.

Bethany and her worker painted rocks which she was supposed to hide around town for people to find.

However, she didn’t really understand that concept.

She just wanted Daddy to hide them around the yard for her to find, like Easter eggs!

On Sunday, Daddy’s last day of vacation, we were all packed up and ready to go back for one last visit to Sylvan Beach.

It’s a good thing I got the feeling I should check online to see of it was still open though, because it wasn’t!

Apparently, the algae came back and they decided to close for the season a week early!

Needless to say, Bethany was disappointed by this news, but she handled it well and agreed to give Glimmerglass Lake  a try.

But when we got there she was hit with another disappointment when she found out noodles are not permitted in the water there.

When we parked the car she refused to get out.

So Malcolm and I set up our chairs by the car and enjoyed eating our lunch in the great outdoors.

After about 15 minutes of processing time, Bethany joined us.

She was ready to go to the beach where she proceeded to have a marvelous time!

And that was the end of our vacation with Daddy!

The time flew by way too fast!

I really can’t wait until Malcolm retires and we can enjoy life together like that even more often!

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4 Replies to “Daddy’s Vacation Week!

  1. Sylvia:

    Being away from – or away WITH someone – is a big thing. I remember that Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan stayed in the summer house.

    Seems like a great holiday.

    Now we know that Bethany requires some fifteen minutes of processing time and centring time.

    And finding rocks are really cool and painting them.

    1. Being suddenly separated from the person you rely on the most has got to be traumatic for anyone! I assume much more so for someone like Bethany! Thanks for your support, Adelaide!

  2. I make it a point to go to Wegman’sevry time I get back to Syracuse. It’s even more important than Destiny! Yes, we’re weird. Glad you had a good vacation.

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