Weird and Wacky Day in the Life of a Special Needs Family

This particular Sunday morning dawned cold and rainy!

Little did I know, the day would turn out to be another weird and wacky day in the life of a Special Needs Family…my weird and wacky special needs family!

Call me crazy, but it seems to me, that lately, most of our weird and wacky experiences have been happening at Flash Club, the awesomely spectacular special needs social and fitness club that Bethany attends!

Last week, Bethany had the unique experience of being served her 17A Special Needs Guardianship Citation while stark naked in the ladies changing room!

This week we had another crazy experience that also included not being dressed properly!

day in the life of a special needs family

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Bethany had just finished enjoying another sensational hour long session of aqua therapy/fitness with her friends at Flash Club!

Bethany absolutely loves Flash Club!

It’s the highlight of her week!

She adores hanging out and having fun with all “her” boys, as she calls them, and “E”, the only other girl in the program!

It’s really weird, but Bethany loves club so much that she can literally be crabby and uncooperative as heck at home, but then upon her arrival at club, her whole demeanor and mood changes!

She suddenly becomes cooperative, happy, pleasant and charming!

Then when club is over, just like that, she reverts right back to her old, familiar, grouchy, cantankerous ways once again!

And that’s sort of what happened on this fateful day!

She had given us a bit of trouble at home before club.

Her mood brightened at club.

She was delighted to be there and was just as happy as a clam to be participating in all the activities!

It wasn’t until after club was over and Bethany and I were in the changing room, that our weird and wacky trouble began.

Somehow, the shirt I packed for her had gotten wet while she was having fun splashing around in the pool with her friends, so she adamantly refused to even consider putting it on!

Lucky for me, her Barney T-shirt was also in her bag and it was dry, so she agreed to wear it instead!

But a panic really set in when I realized her pants had also gotten wet…

The one and only pants in her bag were wet and she was refusing to put them on!!!

I coaxed, cajoled and tried to persuade her to put them on, all to no avail!

I even attempted to convince her put her wet swim suit back on, but she refused to do that, too.

So there we sat, in the changing room, Bethany refusing to budge, wearing nothing but her Barney T-shirt and her underwear!

To be perfectly honest, at this point in life, when Bethany refuses to do something, there’s not a whole lot I can do about it!

I’m too old and she’s too big for me to just sling her over my shoulder and carry her out anymore!

I knew I was in big trouble!

I seriously did not know how I was going to get her out of that changing room and into the car without any pants on!

Visions of daddy driving twelve miles back home to fetch Bethany a pair of dry pants while the YMCA janitors begrudgingly waited for him to return so they could lock the place up for the night, danced in my head!

Then I suddenly, a light bulb turned on over my head and I got the bright idea to just wrap her towel around her waist!

I reasoned in my mind (read: convinced myself) that people would just assume she had her swim suit on underneath it!!

Thank the good Lord, Bethany cooperated with my ingenious towel cover up idea!

Another crisis averted!

Once all securely wrapped in her towel, Bethany calmly and non-chalantly walked out of the changing room, through the YMCA lobby, out to the parking lot, and into our car, wearing nothing her Barney T-shirt, and the towel wrapped around her waist, concealing the fact that all she had on underneath was her striped bikini underwear!!

She did also insist on wearing her jacket and gloves, though!

No need to have pants on, but gotta have those gloves on!!!

Such is another weird and wacky day in the life of a special needs family…my weird, wacky and wonderful special needs family!

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  1. LOL! It is nice to know that we are not the only ones that end up in situations like this.

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