Day in the Life of an Autistic Adult

girl with autism at the playground

Last Sunday was a great day and not only for my  daughter,  Bethany, who is autistic and also a brain tumor survivor!

It was actually an awesome day for me and my husband too, because when Bethany is happy, everybody is happy!

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As a matter of fact, making Bethany happy is what life is all about for us!

Bethany woke up on Sunday morning happy and in the mood to be social and that does not happen very often, trust me!

So, when she asked to go to the park in a nearby city we were thrilled and jumped at the chance to get her out into the fresh air!

Malcolm and I love to spend time outdoors!

Bethany, not so much!

Most of the time, she’s more of a indoorsy, couch potato kind of a girl!

Now, our son and his wife just so happen to live in the city where the park is located, so I quickly hatched a plan to make the day even more special for Bethany!

I secretly called my son and his wife to let them know we’d be in town, then we came up with a plan to surprise Bethany with a visit to their house after we took her to the park!

This particular brother and his wife are two of Bethany’s most favorite people in the whole world and she loves loves their dog, Oliver as well!!

So, we arrived at the park.

It’s not really a new park for us, but it had recently been completely demolished and rebuilt, so the playground equipment was brand spanking new to us!

This playground is so awesome now!

Bethany and Dad had a blast climbing around and trying out everything!

I feel like it was set up as a sort of obstacle course with all kinds of weird and funky ways to climb up and maneuver around!

It was great exercise for Bethany!

When she was all done at the park she asked to go to the store and that’s when we told her about the surprise visit to her brother’s house.

She was ecstatic!

We decided it would be cool to go to Dollar Tree and get Oliver the dog, some treats and a toy!

Bethany was quite particular about what she wanted to get for Oliver!

We also enjoyed looking around at the Christmas stuff.

I was shocked at how patiently she waited in line!

Usually she wants to wait out to the car with Daddy while I stand in line to pay!

With our items purchased, we headed over to Oliver’s house.

We all had fun showing him his new purple zebra striped bone and feeding him snacks!

Funny, but when it was time to go, Bethany wanted to take the bone and the remainder of the treats back home with her!

I guess she wants to hold onto them for safekeeping until the next time we visit him!!

So, once again, we all had a fantastic day out in the community and hanging out with family!

And that’s just one way of turning the crappy situation of living with a brain tumor and a seizures into a happy life!

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