Day in the Life: Special Needs Teen Girl

Special needs teen girl

This is my account of just one day in the life of a special needs teen girl who just so happens to be my daughter, Bethany!

Bethany is currently seventeen years old and has been disabled since she was two, when a very large and life threatening brain tumor wreaked havoc on her life!
Special needs teen girl
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This particular day was a Saturday.

Typically, Saturdays are stay at home days for us.

Bethany has activities almost every night of the week and on Sunday afternoons, so we usually just try to stay home, chill out, and recharge on Saturdays!

On this particular Saturday morning, I gave Bethany the surprise that her dad and I had picked up for her the night before while we were out grocery shopping!

The surprise being a hair styling doll head!

Bethany has been asking me every night for years now why she can’t cut her own or other people’s hair.

I always reply to her question by saying it’s because she hasn’t gone to hair cutting school to learn how.

Lately she’s been asking to go to hair cutting school so she can learn how to cut hair.

Unfortunately, it’s a sad and depressing fact that Bethany will never really be capable of going to hair cutting school or cutting anyone’s hair.

Hense the purchase of the head!

It’s our attempt to make our little girl happy and make a dream of hers sort of come true!

We bought it with the intention of letting her snip, snip away at its hair, but so far she’s been happy just brushing it and putting barrettes in it!

Bethany’s service coordinator is actually in the process of getting permission for her and her personal assistant to attend a hair styling school for a day.

I think that’s an awesome plan, but at the same time I’m a little worried that after attending for one day,  she might actually think she’s qualified to really cut people’s hair!!

After getting her fill of styling the doll head’s hair, Bethany began asking me when her favorite living creature in the whole wide world…woolly bear caterpillars, would be out.

This is another question that she asks me every. single. day!

I suggested that we both go outside to look for one but apparently, it was still too cold for them to be out and crawling about!

She was slightly disappointed, but she got over it without going into meltdown mode!

Later that evening, Bethany and dad did some elbow joint sensory integration therapy by holding each other’s hands and pushing at each other.

Dad also showed her how to lift her little 3 pound weights!

To top off the night, we all had a fun time skyping with Bethany’s older sister, Rachel who lives in China!

I’d say it was a very good day!

And you can see all that fun and excitement unfold right before your very own  eyes in the video below!

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