Depressed Autistic Teen Buys an Orange Square!

Autistic Teen 2

What is an orange square and why would a depressed autistic teen and brain tumor survivor want to buy one?

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My husband, Malcolm, has a friend who owns a fabric store and he has been dying to take Bethany in there to see the beautiful rainbow of colors on display.

We finally had our chance to take her in the other day!

Bethany really enjoyed seeing all the beautiful fabrics carefully arranged by color!

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Of course, Malcolm and I really enjoyed seeing Bethany enjoying herself for a change!

After Bethany’s beloved aide Kristin left us, she became so depressed she didn’t even want to participate in her favorite activities anymore, eat much or keep up with her personal hygiene.

It breaks our hearts to see her do nothing but sleep on the couch for most of the day.

We had been harboring high hopes that the medical marijuana Bethany began taking a while back would help with her moods as well as her seizures.

Unfortunately, even though a tiny dose of it in the evenings seems to be keeping those pesky eye blinking seizures away, it has done nothing for her mood.

In fact, we had to cut out the morning dose and lower her bedtime dose because we are 99% sure that so much of it was making her even more anxious than usual!

Even though my husband and I have always been against adding more medications to Bethany’s cocktail, we were desperate to see our precious daughter happy and enjoying her life again.

So about three weeks ago, we made the decision to let her give an antidepressant a try.

We were hoping it would perk her up, make her happier, and make her stop sleeping her life away.

I had recently read that some of the new SSRI’s were greatly helping people with autism live happier lives.

We reasoned that if we didn’t at least let her try it, we might be sentencing her to a lifetime of doom and gloom.

The doctor warned us that if Bethany was going to have a bad reaction to it we’d know immediately, but we might not see any benefit from it for several weeks.

We gave Bethany her first dose with great fear and trepidation.

We braced ourselves for the worst.

But the worst never happened!

With the very first dose she woke up happy and chipper the next morning and so far she has been happy, chipper ever since!

She’s been behaving well and enjoying her favorite activities once again, too!

She’s cooperated well at several doctor appointments which occurred all together.

She even asked to go to the park so she could go down the big slide and swing yesterday!

She hasn’t wanted to go to a park in at least 5 years!!

But I’ve gotten off track here just a little!!

Let’s get back to the orange square!

We were thrilled when Bethany agreed to pay a little visit to the fabric store!

She bought her orange fabric square to create a book cover!

She’s been watching me make some junk journals and wanted to make one for herself!

She helped me glue her big orange square onto her cereal box book cover.

Then she picked out the papers she wanted to use as pages and helped sew them into the cover.

But after she poked her finger with the needle she decided to let me finish the sewing part for her.

junk journaljunk journal 2

Anyway, we are hoping that this is the start of a beautiful relationship with the antidepressant!

We are hoping that this is the start of Bethany being able to live happily ever after!!

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  1. I love when you asked her what color she wanted to buy, and she said clear as a bell, “I said orange!” It definitely had that teenager tone!

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