Double Makoplasty Hip Replacement Update

So, many of you may know that I recently had both of my hips replaced.

I had the first one done last February and was shocked at how easy and fast my recovery was!

Despite my bad reaction to oxycontin, a mysterious benign fever, and enduring a couple of weeks of night time restless leg syndrome, I felt great and was walking unaided in about a week and a half!

Just getting one hip replaced was life changing for me!

The excruciating pain of having virtually no hip bones in my left hip had disappeared!

However, my other arthritis ravaged hip was still causing pain.

Physical therapy helped even my bad hip feel a bit better, but some of the exercises were still impossible for me to do with one fused, bone on bone hip and it was holding me back.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get my second hip done right away.

I had to wait until my husband, Malcolm, could get more time off to help me with Bethany during my recovery.

Well, the big day finally happened on September 10th and let me tell you, having two brand new hips has been an amazing and life altering experience!!

This time they tried fentanyl for pain management and I had an even worse bad reaction to that than I had with the oxycontin!

Honestly, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to take either of those medications for fun!

So I just told the doctor no more pain medication for me.

I just cannot handle the side effects of pain medications!

It was a problem when I broke my shoulder, too.

This time around I was discharged after just 3 days as opposed to 4 days for the first surgery.

I did not experience any restless leg syndrome this time, but I did get that mysterious post surgery benign fever again after I got home.

I also had trouble with a stubborn stitch that was supposed to dissolve but didn’t!

My body reacted to it like it was a foreign object.

It got inflamed and very itchy but a round of antibiotics is fixing that.

I felt so great this time around that I was walking unaided after only one week!!

And just 4 weeks post surgery, Malcolm and I hiked 1.4 miles around Gilbert Lake with no problems whatsoever!

I haven’t been able to do that in about 17 years!!

In fact, before my hip replacements I hadn’t really been able to walk at all for about a year.

I couldn’t even lift my feet off the ground!

All I could do was shuffle while holding onto something.

And just today, about 6 weeks post surgery I knelt down on the floor!!

It was hard, especially getting back up, but I did it!!!

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I also no longer need a dressing stick or grabber to help me get my pants and unmentionables on!!

I can even go up and down stairs again, though I’m still a little stiff doing so!

It’s been years since I’ve been able to do any of those things!!

I still can’t reach my feet, so I still need my sock device and I can’t tie my own shoes yet!

But I’m gonna do my best to be able to some day.

I’m also allowed to drive again, but I’m afraid to try after all these years of being chauffeured around by Malcolm.

However, I’m gonna do everything within my power to overcome my fear, because I want my independence back!

Getting my hips replaced has been a miraculous blessing and a privilege that I do not take for granted!

To be perfectly honest, I understand now why some people choose to end their lives because of pain that they just can’t live with anymore.

I thank God for the technology of Makoplasty .

My hip surgeries were done with the assistance of the Mako Robotic Arm and I wouldn’t have done it any other way!!

I know having two new hips won’t stop the rest of my body from aging, but at least my hips will be forever young.

If you have been told you need your hip replaced, please go ahead and do it and don’t delay!

No one needs to live with hip arthritis pain anymore.

Check out the videos below of our hike around Gilbert Lake and my two hip surgery experiences!

*Always check with your doctor before embarking on new treatment plans or following suggestions from others. I will not be liable for any damages, deaths, injuries, or other mishaps that may result from following any advice contained within this blog.

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