Enjoying Life Again!

Enjoying life 2

I’m so thankful that Bethany’s (and my own) depression has finally lifted!

As you know, Bethany spent much of spring and the beginning of summer very depressed and lethargic, mostly because of experiencing a series of losses, one right after the other.

In my opinion, Celexa, the antidepressant she is taking has literally been a lifesaver for her!

Enjoying life

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I spent most of my spring and summer depressed mainly for two reasons.

The first being that I felt pretty much useless due to having a broken shoulder and I was in even more pain than usual.

The second cause of my depression was watching Bethany be so unhappy day after day and not being able to do anything about it.

It’s an incredible feeling for both of us to finally be happy and enjoying life again!

Now that Bethany is feeling good once more, she has been game for trying activities that she never would have agreed to try before she started taking Celexa.


Now, I know this may be too much information for some of you but, for about the past 7 years or so, Bethany has refused to leave the house during her time of the month.

Actually, her refusal to go out during that time negatively affected her quality of life, big time.

But now, all of a sudden, she is not letting that monthly inconvenience stop her from having fun or participating in special events such as birthday parties!

She even wanted to go to her brother, Josiah’s birthday party which was being held in a place she has never been before!

She never would have gone somewhere new so readily like that even without having her period before!

super hero birthday party

A few days after the party, she was very excited to go for a Labor Day picnic and ride the carousel with Rebekah and William.

Now, of course, Bethany has always loved getting together with her sister and brother-in-law.

But the amazing thing about this particular outing was her willingness to veer off schedule to enjoy the Firemen’s Fair that we discovered was going on that day!

It was very crowded and very noisy to boot, which would normally have been a recipe for disaster!

But this time, Bethany didn’t seem to care about that at all!

She had such a blast riding rides with two of her most favorite people in the whole wide world.

She even got adventurous and rode rides she’d never ridden before!

Kids in the tilt-a-whirl ride

After Bethany was done at the fair, she rode back to Rebekah and Wil’s house with them, where she visited Sophia, the therapy hamster while Malcolm and I made a quick trip to the Dollar Store!

You know, I could really get used to all these good and happy changes!

Let’s hope it all lasts…….forever!!

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