Family Heirloom Vintage Ephemera, Documents and Letters Available!

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I’m so excited because I recently came into possession of a whole suitcase full of my very own ancestor, Phillip Reinhardt’s vintage letters, documents, photos, and other assorted vintage ephemera dating back to the 1870’s!

Phillip Reinhardt, who was my grandmother’s uncle came to this country from Germany in the 1860’s as an indentured servant even though he was actually an educated doctor!

Eventually, he was released from his contract and able to practice medicine in this country.

Miraculously, a very old suitcase full of many of his documents, receipts, and correspondence has been preserved and now it is mine!

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As a junk journal enthusiast, I understand how valuable adding digital prints such as all this authentic historical ephemera to junk journals is!

This stuff is very much like the Tim Holtz ephemera that is so popular these days!

So, I decided to make a few select pieces available to other historical ephemera lovers as instant downloads of digital copies!

Included in this first set are a letter written in German dated 1877; a set of 6 hand written calling cards including a Crownhill Cemetary proprieter’s ticket; 2 front views of envelopes sent to Philip Reinhardt in the 1970’s; The front of a US Postal Card, a photo, and a religious card; 2 receipts dating in the 1870’s; and last but not least, a religious poem which may have been written by Phillip.

PLEASE NOTE: There will be more listings like this one and a video at my Youtube channel, CraftyOldLady, coming soon!

This listing comes as 5 PDF files to instantly download at my Etsy Shop, CraftyOldLady59!

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