Friendship Friday 12/13/13

Welcome once again to Friendship Friday, the place for friends to gather and share what’s been on their minds and what’s been going on during the week. Everyone is welcome to share any family friendly ideas!

This week I have spent some time ordering Christmas presents online. Shopping online with free shipping is just so much easier and more economical than having to drive 30- 60 miles just to get anywhere! However we did take Bethany shopping last Saturday. She was really good. She slowed down and seemed to be enjoying the whole experience. We did have to stop several times for her to trace the letters on various candy wrappers , but she did NOT ask to buy them! (A major accomplishment!)

I began to panic when she asked to go to the bathroom and it was closed for cleaning. Rather than risk her having a meltdown and destroying all the fun progress she was making, I decided to bust through the barricade. I apologized and explained to the janitor that I had an autistic daughter that had to go NOW! He was very understanding, but he NEVER stepped out of the bathroom! He kept right on cleaning all around us!

I also had to attend a CSS informational and planning meeting (Bethany’s Consolidated Supports and Services program), a behavior therapy meeting, and a Brain Injury Association meeting this week. I’m a homebody by nature. I like being at home. Yes, I do enjoy getting out and about, but on my own terms. I just don’t like having how I spend my time be dictated to me by the clock or other people’s agendas! But I’ll continue to attend as many meetings as I need to in order to provide a better quality of life for my precious Bethany!

I did manage to get some photos and video footage of some science experiments gone bad and Bethany in action this week despite attending all those meetings!

Jerry testing out optical illusions and kitchen tricks!
Jerry testing out optical illusions and kitchen tricks!

Rebekah bought a brand new professional quality camera this week! Now I’ll be bugging her to take my blog photos for me! Maybe you’ll be seeing some more professional quality photos here soon!
bek collage

Bethany singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Keep watching. It’s slow going at first, but she ramps up soon into it!

Bethany using the hole puncher. Great for strengthening the hands and arms. Especially when the hole puncher is old and rusty! She was very determined and she actually worked on this most of the afternoon! Who knew punching holes could be so much fun!

Jerry and I attempted two experiments this week, both of which we failed at over and over again! I advise against attempting this experiment without using safety goggles! We tried several times to do this one but eventually we actually ran out of lighter fluid!

We found this one on the Quirkology guy Richard Wiseman’s YouTube channel, but I couldn’t find it again to add the link.

We got the idea for this experiment from Phyllis at All Things Beautiful, although I’m sure they did it correctly over there! I thought I remembered how to do it, but after going back to add this link I see now that we didn’t measure it correctly or add the warm water! I’m always telling my kids to read the instructions! Oh well, we’ll try again someday! We tried over and over but never did get our bag to pop!(You can hear Barney’s Great Adventure playing in the background!)

This is what should have happened. They didn’t use warm water either though!

The weirdest thing going on this week however, is that my oldest son Jim turns 37 today! Yeah, it’s definitely weird to have a kid that old!

In case you missed it…Six Ways to Make Learning More Meaningful for Visual Learners.

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9 Replies to “Friendship Friday 12/13/13

  1. I love the collage of your son. Very cool. I am very impressed with Bethany’s singing. When I see all the things that she can do, I am amazed. Alex has never sung. At all. He is barely verbal, however. I am sorry the Fizzy Bags didn’t work for you. I have people ever so often write to me and tell me that it didn’t work, and almost always it is because some part of it wasn’t done exactly right. I think it must be the perfect combination. I didn’t know that it was picked up on a science show. Interesting!

    1. She just started singing along with Barney in the last few weeks, Phyllis. She talks a little bit, but she mostly just asks scripted questions. The same ones over and over. She has lot of trouble remembering words and getting that first word out!

  2. Thanks for the friendship invite! I loved Bethany’s rendition of Twinkle Little Star. Or in our house twinkle star (and that is the only part Boo sings!)

  3. Gosh you have so much parenting experience, Sylvia! That explains the gentle wisdom that comes across here.
    Bethany looks so happy after her singing. Music is wonderful isn’t it? I’m so glad you posted that.
    I’ve got to try that science experiment soon – sounds like a challenge!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  4. A great week. Bethany seems to be doing so much better lately and to be so happy too. The singing was wonderful. I hope all continues to go well.

    I do most of my shopping online too, even though I live in the suburbs of a large city. I’m just not a crowds person and Amazon really does often have the best prices with free shipping 🙂

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