Friendship Friday

Welcome to Friendship Friday! I’m so glad you came. I love hearing from you all each week!

I apologize for getting this post up late! We were in Albany for Bethany’s Neuro appointment all day yesterday and I forgot to get it ready last night! I really should have a few pre-made and scheduled so this won’t happen again!

Our visit to Albany was a bit stressful. We felt like we were walking on eggshells the whole time because we were really worried something might trigger another major meltdown like the one she had the day before. It was touch and go for a bit…she spilled her fried rice all over herself in the car and insisted upon changing her clothes immediately even though everything easily brushed off and no tell tale signs of the catastrophe were left behind.

So since we were planning on taking her on the merry-go-round (her favorite activity) at the NYS museum, we paid $5 to park went into the bathroom and changed her clothes. She insisted upon exiting the museum immediately after. No amount of trying to persuade her to ride the merry-go-round worked and we left. Malcolm and I were more disappointed than she was because we really wanted to make the trip fun for her and she had been asking to ride it for days! Go Figure!! We were also a bit worried that she would change her mind after we were half way home and beat us up in the car!

But all went well at the doctor’s. We relented and agreed to start her on a new medicine to hopefully help with her behavior. (Very hard for me, but she is getting so big and powerful. She now weighs 140 pounds. That’s a lot of weight for her to be pounding us with or trying to drag off the floor of Walmart!) We were even able to slip in a quick visit to see my sister, niece, and grandniece and made it through a trip to Trader Joe’s all without incident!

If you are interested, you can view pics of our trip here!
Anyway…Thanks for being patient!

I have no collage prepared, but I think you’ll enjoy my son’s wedding Collages if you haven’t seen them already! There you can “meet” my adorable and precious grandson too!

Here’s a video instead

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11 Replies to “Friendship Friday

  1. Sylvia, I so loved your son’s wedding photos! My oldest has marriage on his mind as well. Thank you again for hosting Friendship Friday! betty jo

  2. Oh, those appointments! Stressed for everyone! My Sam does NOT like going to the doctor at all…and my daughter has needle “phobias”. Sounds like you did everything that you could to get through the day!

    1. Sometimes I’m patient and sometimes I’m not! Thanks for joining us today! I hope you’ll come again. If you’d like to read about Beth’s story you can click on the “Bethany’s Diagnosis” tab at the top of my blog!

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