Friendship Friday: Bubbles, Balls, Birthdays, and Bronchitis

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We will be completing out first full week of doing school at our house today! So far so good!

Jeremiah actually seems to like his Language Arts book. Which totally baffles me because he usually balks at having to do more school work. I know that being able to write his answers in the book is a big factor in his adjusting well to it. I doubt very much that he’d like if he had to copy a multitude of sentences down in a notebook! The same goes for his math and geography books. I guess he can tolerate big changes if he doesn’t have to write down a ton of stuff! We’ll work on writing soon enough though!

Jerry also took his first ever test this week! I plan to allow him to do all his science tests open book style. It was a little hard for him to grasp what ‘skimming the page for answers’ really meant but he picked up on it soon enough.

He’s not real thrilled with Hamlet, but then neither am I! Nor is he all that happy with reading “The Three Musketeers” but then I knew he wouldn’t be. At least he is cooperating with reading it without complaining about it!

This week we also added in Bible (God Visits His Chosen People), Art (Impressionism), and Health (Mental Health for Middle Schoolers).

One day Rebekah and Rachel decided to take Jeremiah on a field trip to the cider mill. It will be closing soon and they wanted to fit in just one more chance to taste all their yummy samples. They even brought home a couple of fudge covered Oreos for their father and me and though I am trying not to eat sugar, I could not resist that Oreo!
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I am happy to announce that Bethany is back to being excited about going places again! She went for a ride in the car to the library with her aide this week and is showing signs of being excited about starting adapted Yoga at Flash Club. We’ll see on Sunday how it all plays out! I really hope she still excited about it when the time actually comes to go!

Bethany mostly worked on self help skills this week. We also played a lot of games! We have been discussing the changing weather and season (science), adding up our scores for “Go Nuts” (math), and we are still talking about Africa (geography) and North America.

We found this cicada skin in our backyard which sparked a discussion of what it was (more science).
I wish we could have seen the insect emerge from its old skin in real life, but we had to be satisfied with watching the video below instead.

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Something has been a little unsettling for me this week. One of my sons has been battling a nasty cough for quite some time. This past week it got much worse. I wanted him to go to the doctor. He doesn’t like going to doctors and refused to cooperate the several times I suggested it.

Finally, his cough got so bad that I had to insist he go to the doctor and get checked out! After I explained to him that I was worried he might have pneumonia and that pneumonia can be fatal, he finally agreed to go. I am very relieved that it wasn’t pneumonia but it was bronchitis.

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Some of you may remember a post I wrote about My Business Plan a while back. I’ve started the ball rolling with it and will be doing a couple of classes at Bethany’s Recreation club in October and November. If the kids seem to enjoy it we’ll keep going with it.

I’m very excited about this opportunity but also very nervous about it. Several times I had to give myself little pep talks to keep from backing out of even giving my pitch to the director. But I persevered and she was happy to get some new activities going for the participants.

I don’t know why I’m so nervous. It’s really just all about the kids having fun and being active. I decided to volunteer my time so it’s not a paying job yet, but I’m hoping to eventually turn it into a little business. We shall see!

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This week was my husband’s 60th birthday. It was also my son Josiah’s 27th. We are planning a joint birthday party for next weekend but we couldn’t let the day go by without giving him some kind of recognition so Rebekah made him a birthday pancake!

The following videos are of Bethany having fun and being cute!

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7 Replies to “Friendship Friday: Bubbles, Balls, Birthdays, and Bronchitis

  1. Beth looked like she had so much fun this week! Birthdays seem to be coming out of the ears since we’ve one this weekend (and had one earlier this week as well)… I love the children but don’t miss pregnancy in summer time… LOL my youngest was born in Alabama and being pregnant in 100* weather with humidity is just simply not fun 😉

  2. A great week all around for everyone and Happy Birthday to your husband and son! I hope Bethany does enjoy her Yoga and that you are successful with the classss. I’m sure they will be a wonderful addition.

  3. A great week. It always feels good to get back in routine. Happy Birthday to your hubby and son. Hope your son is feeling better soon!! I can’t wait to see how Bethany enjoys Yoga!

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