Helpful and Handy Gadgets for Stroke Victims

gadgets for stroke victims

gadgets for stroke victims
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As I mention in my post, Sharing Our Story, earlier this week, my daughter Bethany, is a stroke victim. She suffered a stroke during brain tumor surgery.

Bethany’s stroke caused the loss of her ability to use of her right arm, hand, and leg. She could no longer sit, stand, walk, or feed herself.

Not only did Bethany need physical and occupational therapy to strengthen her muscles in order to regain the use of her right side, she also needed a few handy gadgets designed especially to help stroke victims relearn such skills!

Stroke victims face unique challenges.

Using adaptive aids designed specifically to help ameliorate those unique challenges can greatly improve the quality of life, make life easier, and help individuals who are dealing with the aftermath of strokes be more independent.

There are many helpful gadgets available for use with stroke victims.

  • We used the Ableware Scooper Bowl with suction cup base to help reduce spills while Bethany ate soup, cereal, and other such foods. This bowl  is designed for people who deal with hand tremors, paralysis, Parkinson’s disease, or other disabilities and who have difficulty eating independently.  It encourages self confidence and aids in self feeding because it has a vacuum suction base that makes it impossible for the bowl to be tipped over or dumped.
  • This Ableware Scooper Plate with suction cup base was helpful for all the same reasons as the soup bowl above. It has a raised edge and reverse curve that helped Bethany to successfully scoop up food onto her spoon or fork. A rubber ring on the bottom prevents this plate from sliding.
  • The Ablewear No Tip Cup Keeper which holds 6 oz to 16 oz. cups, glasses or bottles was perfect for Bethany because even if she bumped or hit it, It would not tip over! This non-tip feature makes it perfect for use on wheelchair trays, over-bed tables, or table tops.
  • The Good Grip eating utensils have a soft, cushiony, rubbery like material covering their handles that prevent them from slipping out of hands. These utensils can be adjusted and bent to any angle and can be used with either hand. They are perfect for those who have had a stroke, or have a weak grasp, limited arm movement, Parkinson’s disease or neurological impairments. The knife which has a safety feature to protect fingers, requires only minimal arm strength for cutting. Bethany still prefers to use eating utensils with a grip rather than traditional flatware.
  • If you have a loved one who has suffered a stroke and want to know how to best help them, I recommend the book, Healing the Broken Brain: Leading Experts Answer 100 Questions, it contains important and pertinent information given from both doctors’ and patients’ points of view.  It also provides accurate and practical answers to your questions about stroke victims.

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