A Simple Special Needs Game Modification!

special needs game modification

Recently we decided to get rid of our old and disgusting worn out couch.

It was during my husband’s search through the couch in hopes of finding some long ago, lost and forgotten money that he came across an old, long ago, lost and forgotten game of our special needs daughter, Bethany’s!

Incidentally, he also found $3.25.

Not much- but enough for a cup of coffee!

But, anyway, as a result, Bethany’s love for the game Go Nuts  has now been renewed and we have been playing the simplified and modified version of the game that I came up with just about non-stop ever since!

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The original rules for playing this fun dice game are a little too complicated for Bethany to understand so we made up our own simplified and modified rules.

First off we did away with the dog and dog house dice altogether.

We roll the remaining squirrel, acorn, and car dice.
Acorns are worth one point each.

Squirrels have no points but can be rolled again.

Cars have no points and can’t be rolled again.

We can roll 3 times per turn.

We roll as many rounds as we want then we add up our points to see who the winner is!

If you have a game you think may be too complicated for your child with special needs to play, I urge you not to give up on the idea of ever enjoying playing that game together!

Just try to come up with a way to make the rules simpler so you can!

I promise you, it’s not cheating!!

Some other Gamewright games and products that my family enjoys are:

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2 Replies to “A Simple Special Needs Game Modification!

  1. We like Gamewright stuff, too, although we do not own many. We play Forbidden Island from time to time and we love Toss Your Cookies. I think it is wonderful that she can play games, even if you have to modify them a bit. She seems so much more socially capable than my Alex. I am happy for you two! I will check out these other games for the other boys.

    1. It is wonderful that Bethany has a variety of leisure activities that she enjoys. I wish that Alex could enjoy playing games too. It must be hard keeping him occupied. Are there any activities does he enjoy, Phyllis?

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