Good Moods Gone Bad by Disappointments

good moods gone bad

It seems like Bethany has been in a bad mood ever since she got sick with a sinus infection last February.

She’s been spending most of her days getting mad about things that we have no control over, like the wind blowing her bubbles away or her friends not being able to attend club.

Lately,  angry tirades occur just about every time Bethany experiences a disappointment or anxiety of one kind or another.

Anger seem to be the first step in her way of processing through a disappointment or anxiety.

After the process is completed she is finally able to accept the situation and calm down.

Unfortunately,  at times her angry tirades of complaint progress dangerously close to turning into meltdowns.

The process is annoying, unpleasant, nerve wracking and almost unbearable for anyone involved!

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She went through the whole unbearable process yesterday at Flash Club and then again at home this afternoon.

Bethany loves Flash Club

Normally,  four boys attend club with Bethany, and she greatly looks forward to seeing them every Sunday.

But yesterday, only two of her friends showed up.

Their absence disappointed Bethany.

She had been expecting all four of her boys to be there and the absence of  two of her friends didn’t match up with her preconceived vision of the day!

She complained about it for quite a while.

In retaliation, she decided not to participate in any of the activities!

After complaining a bit more, and watching her other friends have fun, she realized she was missing out and decided to join them.

It was as if she had to go through all that complaining in order to process her disappointment.

Then again, today, she experienced another disappointing incident.

It was a beautiful spring day and Bethany was in a great mood!

She asked to go outside to swing!

It was quite windy, but she thought it was super funny that the wind was whipping her hair around!

However,  on the way out to her swing, she spotted a bottle of bubbles and asked to blow some bubbles first.

Unfortunately, we soon discovered that the unruly wind was not going to let Bethany blow any bubbles.

It kept blowing her bubbles away before she ever had a chance to blow any herself!

Her disappointment over not being able to blow bubbles sparked another series of angry complaints about making the wind stop.

Her angry mood ruined her plans to have fun swinging.

She just couldn’t swing after that and insisted we go back inside where her tantrum continued.

Once Bethany got over being furious with the wind, she became obsessed with not letting the cat get outside.

This in turn sparked another round of angry complaints.

Bethany has always battled with anger issues, but she has been doing pretty well for quite awhile, until she got sick with that nasty sinus infection, that is.

Weirdly, it also just so happens that at the same time Bethany got sick and her behavior issues escalated, we had also begun giving her marijuana for seizures.

So naturally, now I’m paranoid that the one thing we have been considering to be Bethany’s last hope for a happy, seizure free life might actually be having the opposite effect on her!

It has stopped her seizures, but is it making her angry and anxious?

Why, oh why does everything have to be so hard to figure out?

Why can’t life just be simple and trouble free for a bit?

Now, not only do I have to figure out how to help Bethany express anxiety and disappointments more appropriately, I also have to figure out if the marijuana is negatively affecting her moods.

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4 Replies to “Good Moods Gone Bad by Disappointments

  1. Have you considered her seratonin levels ? My son went through a very similar thing, where he would become almost uncontrolably angry over the smallest change. If there was a sudden change in plans, or if something unexpected happened, he would respond in an angry rage, taking it out on all those around him. After seeing a natropathic Dr.however, it was discovered that his seratonin levels were low. After taking some seratonin supplements, he was much more in control and no longer had those angry outbursts. He was able to handle disappointments much better. St. John’s wort is also a great way to combat anger. I wish you all the best.

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