Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

We hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving Day filled with love and laughter!

I know we sure did!

This year we were joined by Rebekah, William, and Sophia the hamster and Josiah and Katy!

Our festivities began on Wednesay night with Rebekah and Willam bringing Sophia the hamster for Bethany to visit with!

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The very first time Bethany saw cute little Sophia it was love at first sight!

Seeing Sophia can instantly turn Bethany’s crappy day into a happy occasion!

Because of that we have affectionately nick named her Sophia the therapy hamster!

hamsterAfter spending quite some time with Sophia, according to a  recently established new tradition, Rebekah got out the Christmas tree!

When all our kids were little we never set up the tree until mid December.

However, after Rebekah married William and moved out she started the new tradition of decorating the tree with Bethany and Jerry when she comes home for Thanksgiving!

It makes it so much more fun for Bethany and Jerry this way!

Bethany especially looks forward to it!

As many of you may know, Bethany was recently diagnosed with Lyme Disease and even though she’s always fatigued easily, now she tires out even more quickly.

So, after such a fun, late night playing with Sophia and decorating the Christmas tree, she was not feeling up to celebrating Thanksgiving with us.

Really, all she did was spend most of the day dozing on the couch.

She didn’t even pay much attention to Josiah and Katy, two of her favorite people!

But later in the evening she did eat some of our traditional Thanksgiving dinner which in and of itself was quite a big deal!

Because usually, on holidays Bethany prefers to eat the same hum drum pasta that she eats every other day of her life!

Of course, the house was way too quiet and lonely after all our holiday guests left, but we will all get together with the rest of our kids again on Christmas!

This year it’s our turn for our grandchildren to spend Christmas with us so that will be really wonderful!

Sadly though, Rachel will be missing as she is teaching in Japan and can’t come home for a visit until next summer!

We hope each and every one of you had a wonderful, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving!

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