How I Made Valentine’s Day 2017 More Special This Year!

2 Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017 has now come and gone!

I hope your day was filled with plenty of fun and lots of love and laughter!

If you have previously read my post, Preparing for a Very Special Needs Valentine’s Day Celebration, you’ll already know that I really wanted to make Valentine’s Day more special this year!

So you may be wondering just how our Valentine’s Day actually went!

 Valentine's Day 2017

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purple divider - Copy - CopyYou might be wondering if Bethany actually participated in all the activities that I had planned for her!

Sadly, I’m sorry to say, that when Valentine’s Day dawned bright, beautiful, and sunny, Bethany did not wake up happy!

In fact, she rolled out of the wrong side of the bed feeling groggy, grouchy, and lethargic.

And, she unfortunately remained in that unpleasant state for most the day.

I noticed that Bethany was having quite a few of  her “new to her” kind of seizures all throughout the day.

All those rapid eye blinking absence seizures most likely accounted for her less than pleasant behavior.

Despite all that though, when Rachel came home from work, she able to coax Bethany into at least trying to have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Rachel succeeded in getting Bethany excited about decorating the very same heart shaped cookies that she had refused to help me make earlier in the day.


After our fun cookie decorating session, Rachel and I were able to convince Bethany to play Valentine’s Day Bingo and Stack the Candy Hearts!

We were overjoyed when she also agreed to play a rousing  game of,  Pin the Heart on the Fox!

And last, but not least, after all the fun commotion of the evening had died down, I gave Bethany the little Valentine’s Day gifts I had secretly picked out for her!

So, despite the very uncertain and rocky beginning to our special day, Bethany did manage to have a very happy Valentine’s Day 2017!!

And when Bethany is happy, everybody is happy!!

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