I’m a Junk Journal Junkie!

Hey guys!  At 59 years old, I’ve gotten into junk journaling a little late in the game!

In my efforts to cure my boredom while recuperating from a broken shoulder last spring and summer, I began watching junk journal tutorials on Youtube !

I don’t know why I chose this particular subject to start watching, but for some reason I did and I quickly became obsessed with the whole fascinating process of putting together junk journals!

I could hardly wait to begin creating cute little tags, envelopes, tuck spots and belly bands to lovingly place on beautiful and carefully selected scrapbook papers or on my own handmade “vintage” tea and coffee dyed papers!

Now that I can finally use my arm again and have begun making my own journals, I’ve discovered that not only do I love, love, love doing so, but crafting beautiful creations for others helps me cope with the depression and chronic pain from severe arthritis that I often suffer with!

Please take a look below at some of my creations!

If you see anything you’d like to purchase please leave a comment, contact me at scphillips59@gmail.com, or visit my Etsy Shop, CraftyOldLady59 to see what’s available!

Don’t see anything you like available? Let me know and I can probably make something else for you!!

Click here to go to my Youtube Craft channel, Crafty Old Lady!!

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Beautiful Birds and Blooms Junk Journal (Available in my Etsy Shop. Link above!)bird junk journal for salejunk journal pages bird themed charms floral washi tape trimmed junk journal tuck spot ephemera and tagslibrary card pocket with inked library card

Adorable Woodland Animal Junk Journal (SOLD! But I can make more very similar to this one!)junk journaling

Empowering Jane Eyre Inspired Junk Journal (Created as a gift, but I can make more very similar to this one!)Jane Eyre junk journal

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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