Independence Day Anxiety!!

Independence Day Anxiety 2

Happy Fourth of July 2018, Friends!  I originally published this post about our experience trying to get Bethany out to see the fireworks in 2015!

Here’s hoping that our plans to go see the fireworks tonight work out better!

This year we are meeting Rebekah and William there, but it’s a surprise!!

Bethany doesn’t know! 

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This year  Independence Day felt just like any other day!

It was just a ho hum, hum drum, ordinary and kind of depressing day.

We didn’t do anything special. We didn’t have a barbecue, have any visitors, or eat any special holiday foods.

At 62 degrees and cloudy.

But we were looking forward to taking Bethany to see the fireworks!

She has always loved watching fireworks and since we always try to make her as happy as we possibly can, we of course asked her if she wanted to go.

Her reaction was an excited and enthusiastic YES!!!!

However, without giving it much thought, I picked a battle that I immediately wished I had not!

Bethany had refused to take a shower the night before and really needed one, so I told her she had to take a shower before we could go.

I regretted my statement the very second I heard the words leave my lips, because I knew a battle would ensue and honestly, no one would ever have even known she needed a shower, anyway!

We were just going to be sitting in the dark by ourselves watching fireworks!

Bethany refused to take a shower until it got dark, which is her usual routine, but if she waited  until dark we would obviously miss the fireworks.

I did not want Bethany to miss the fireworks.

She did not want to miss them either.

But her rigid adherence to routines don’t allow her to waiver from them.

I could have given in and not made her take a shower, but I know from past experiences that I would need to stick to my decision or she would think she could get away without taking showers in the future when she really, really needed to, like before doctor’s appointments and such.

Bethany was determined that she was not going to take a shower until it got dark.

She just does not understand that the world doesn’t revolve around her timetable and will not wait for her!

So, when it began getting dark, I began having an anxiety attack.

It just kept getting later and even darker.

By this point we were not at all sure if we would really be able get her to the fireworks before they were all over with!

Finally in desperation,  Malcolm and I pretended that we were going without her!

Finally, Bethany took a shower, changed her clothes three times, and then got in the car.

But first, she wanted pizza from Pizza Hut!

Thankfully we had had the foresight to order it before we left home and just had to run in real quick to pick it up!

Then she wanted four apple juices from McDonald’s.

It was while waiting in line for the juice that we heard the first boom!

We had gotten her there just in the nick of time!!


I’ve certainly learned my lesson and will be picking my battles more carefully in the future!

Independence day anxiety 3

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9 Replies to “Independence Day Anxiety!!

  1. Bethany reminds me SO much of my son! He also LOVES fireworks! And, like Bethany, he is very resourceful and persistent… if we don’t stand our ground once a goal is set (like a shower), we may have 6 months of him fighting everything, trying to figure out what allowed him a pass that one time! Good job remaining strong! I know how hard it is to do sometimes!!! And I am so thrilled you were able to get the big payoff…the look of wonder and happiness on their faces is incomparable!!!

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