Introducing Our New YouTube Channel, Malcolm and Sylvia

We are pleased as punch to introduce to you our new YouTube channel, Malcolm and Sylvia!

Malcolm and Sylvia YouTube channel

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I was recently asked by a subscriber of our other YouTube Channel, Sylvia Phillips (Faith, Hope, and Love) if my husband and I would start a new channel where we would talk exclusively about the many issues we face as special needs parents!

I thought it was a great idea and apparently so did my husband, Malcolm, because he agreed to partner with me in this new venture!

So how does this tie into our Disability Resources theme for February?

Well, I believe our YouTube channels can be utilized as online support groups.

Not only can you enjoy watching our videos, but you can join in on the camaraderie by asking and answering questions and sharing your advice, suggestions and concerns all right there in the comments!  

Let’s get together to support and encourage each other!

Join us at, Sylvia Phillips (Faith, Hope, and, Love) as we film our daily adventures with our special needs, daughter, Bethany! We strive to find happiness amidst our ordinary, everyday, precious, little moments, while we embrace the challenges caused by a brain tumor, brain injury, autism, and epilepsy, one day at a time with faith, hope, and love!

And join us at Malcolm and Sylvia as my husband and I discuss, special needs parenting, large family living, homeschooling,  chronic illness, and whatever else we feel like talking about!

I invite you to please take moment to visit and subscribe to both of our YouTube channels!

By subscribing you’ll be notified when a new video has been posted so you won’t miss out on any of our fun, excitement, or important information!!

Subscriptions are free, so head on over to our channels and subscribe now!

Thanks so much! We do so appreciate your support!

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