Is Happiness Always A Choice that’s Possible to Make?

Is Happiness a Choice 2

I’ll bet that probably almost everyone reading this has heard the old say that happiness is a choice!

But is it really always possible to choose to be happy in all of life’s circumstances?

As a person who has battled with depression off and on for the last 48 years, I would have to say, that I, personally don’t believe it is.

In fact, I’d say it’s been pretty darn hard, if not impossible for me to always choose happiness.

Is Happiness a Choice
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I wasn’t able to choose happiness when my daughter, Bethany was diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor.

Neither was I able to choose happiness while helplessly watching her suffer during her ordeal.

Thinking about all my other children who were back at home suffering in their own way, also made it impossible for me to choose happiness back then.

Happiness also eluded me when we almost lost our home during the same time that Bethany was fighting for her life!

I know for a fact, that it will always be impossible for me to choose happiness when Bethany has violent meltdowns.

In fact, just one hour ago, it was impossible for me to choose happiness while I was trying to stop her from getting outside and into the road.

Why was she trying to do that,  you might ask?

Because she was insisting upon doing the impossible and violently so!

She wanted to find the woolly bear caterpillars that will not make an appearance until next October!

To be quite honest with you, I defiantly refuse to choose happiness when Bethany violently insists on doing dangerous things like that!

It’s also been super hard for me to choose happiness as my own body deteriorates from a degenerative disease.

Thinking about that inevitable day, in the not so distant future, when I will no longer physically able to care for Bethany robs me of much happiness.

Agonizing over why God has been allowing all this crap to my family happen makes choosing happiness extremely difficult!

Yes, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

I do not believe it is humanly possible to always choose happiness.

However, I do believe it is possible to choose to take the crappy situations life throws at us and work within them to make life just a little bit happier.

By taking advantage of our good moments when we get them, and living life to the fullest during those rare moments, we’ve been able to turn some crappy situations into happy ones.

It’s funny, but in my attempts to turn my family’s crappy situations into happy ones, I’ve found that I’m actually beginning to be able to choose happiness a little more often!

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6 Replies to “Is Happiness Always A Choice that’s Possible to Make?

  1. For what it’s worth, I believe that you are dealing with your situation in the best way possible. As the saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade! That’s exactly what you are doing by trying to turn your “crappy” into “happy”. By making the best out of an otherwise negative situation, you HAVE chosen happiness. Happiness is a choice, but it is not always an easy choice.

  2. Hi Sylvia,

    this is a really valuable post.

    In 2001 I read a book called “Happiness is a choice” by Barry Neil Kaufman.

    I think happiness finds us too.

    And when people or things are threatened that you value … that’s the thread the situations have in common.

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