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The Sciencenter

I had been secretly hatching a plan to do something fun as a family while Malcolm was home  helping me after my second hip surgery.

Recovering from my first hip replacement had been pretty much quick and painless so I was counting on my recovery being easy and uneventful this time as well.

I’m very happy to say that by the second week post surgery, I was feeling pretty great so I brought up the subject of driving an hour and 45 minutes to take Bethany to the Ithaca Sciencenter!

I also wanted to show her Buttermilk Falls in real life!

She loves looking at her sisters’ waterfalls photos on Facebook and so I thought she might really get a kick out of seeing one in person!!

After that I was hoping to drive through Cornell University’s Arboretum, then visit Rebekah and William on the way home!

It was quite the elaborate plan, but I felt confident that I could handle it and Malcolm agreed.

We told Bethany of our plan and she was all for it!

So Malcolm packed up my walker in the back of  the car and off we went on our grand and glorious adventure!

Since it was the second week of September, I knew the Sciencenter would not be as crowded as it usually is during the summer months.

But, I was a little concerned that there might be a bunch of babies, toddlers and preschoolers there that Bethany would want to hug and bug!

That kind of thing is always a crap shoot.

Some parents and kids don’t mind Bethany’s hugs, but others do!

When we finally arrived there was just a handful of little kids there and Bethany never once asked to hug or bug them!

So, we were able to fully enjoy our experience at the Sciencenter and so were they!

The first exhibit we explored were the aquariums filled with local creatures and there were some exotic ones too!

We got to see some cute, tiny, little poisonous dart frogs, African fish and some menacing looking green snakes!

Then Bethany discovered the penny whirlpool!

You know that thing that you drop pennies into and they spin around and around and around until they disappear into the hole at the bottom!

Bethany spent a lot of time there!

Later, she told me it was her favorite exhibit!

She really enjoyed the light tables and the floating scarves in the preschooler section, too.

And she also had a blast playing all the unusual musical instruments that were scattered throughout the museum!

When she was ready to go we headed over to Buttermilk Falls which was quite impressive after a night of heavy rainfall!!

We did drive through the Arboretum on our way to Rebekah’s and I thought it was a gorgeous drive.

However, Bethany was not all that impressed with a bunch of trees!

She just wanted to get to her sister’s house!

One funny thing happened as we were driving through the Cornell University Campus, though.

As we drove past Phillips Hall, Bethany saw the sign and got very excited to see her last name up there and exclaimed, “Hey, that’s me!!”

So far we had experienced a glitch free day.

Once we got to Rebekah’s house, however, we encountered a problem when Bethany discovered she had a tiny wet spot on her pants.

But, Rebekah was able to save the day by drying it with her hair dryer!

Then all was right with Bethany’s world!

She played with Sophia the hamster and some games with Rebekah.

She even ate a big bowl of Rebekah’s chicken pot pie for dinner, which was quite surprising because Bethany never tries anything new on the spot like that!

As an extra bonus, two trains went by Rebekah’s house!

Bethany just loves those trains!

But all good things must come to an end and all too soon it was time to go home.

We thought we were headed for a quiet drive home, but Bethany asked to go to two stores!

She asked to go to “below” which we quickly figured out was Five Below.

Then we went to Party City where she had a blast trying on hats and feather boas and picking out her 20th birthday party supplies!

After that we did get our quiet ride home and when all was said and done, at the end of the day, we proclaimed it to be a very fun and successful adventure!

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