Keep Kids Busy and Learning Until School Starts

keep kids learning

Is the excitement of the summer break from school winding down for your kids?

Are they suddenly bored and restless because there’s nothing fun left to do and no exciting activities left to look forward to?

If so, you may be an exhausted parent looking for ideas on how to keep your kids busy and occupied for the last few remaining days of summer.

Not to worry frazzled and worn out parents!

There may still be a couple of weeks left of summer to get through but we’ve got you covered!

keep kids busy

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(This post contains affiliate links.)

Below are a few items that are sure to keep your kids busy and learning and from driving you crazy until school starts!

Break the monotony of the last few long and tedious days of summer and keep kids busy with the following creative, fun, and educational toys and games!

  • Tape Activity Book Includes 4 colorful rolls of tape!
  • Scratch away the black until a colorful scene is revealed with the Color Reveal Scratch Art Pad.
  • Haven’t gone on vacation yet? Take along Wikki Stix Travel Set, the no mess creative learning toy that is the perfect choice to keep kids busy and occupied while traveling or at home!
  • Keep kids busy, creative, and having fun while sharpening their STEM math skills with this Vehicle Building Set. Kids understand math concepts so much more effectively when they can visualize and handle it!
  • MagExplorers: Magnetic Building Set develops visual spatial skills and stimulates the right side of the brain!
  • Everything is included to keep kids busy learning how to build a zoetrope with the Zoetrope: a pre-cinema animation device!
  • Have a budding young electrical engineer? Check out this inexpensive Chibitronics Chibi Lights LED Circuit Stickers Intro Kit!
  • Are your kids addicted to their tablets but you want to get them more engaged in the real world? Check out Osmo Starter Kit, the game that combines the virtual world with the physical world!!
  • Another great learning toy to keep kids busy doodling and drawing in the car is Kid O Free Play Magnatab!
  • To keep younger kids busy, check out this adorable animal measuring set! Add a mouse to a penguin and what do you get? Inchimals comes complete with: 12 wooden inchimal blocks; spiral-bound puzzle book; 100 write-on wipe-off puzzles; and 1 dry eraser marker!

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